Halloween Clothespin Bat

This Halloween Clothespin Bat is definitely a pennywise project. It's a simple craft that even little ones will love to do, though they may need a bit of help from an adult or an older child with the cutting and gluing. These bats are simple enough and inexpensive enough that you can make lots of little bats to add to wreaths or plants and clip onto curtains or blinds. Clip them onto your costume or make especially nice ones and clip it to your hair ribbon. Well, why not?

I think you'll find lots of ways to use them as decorations and your kids will have a lot of fun making them.

You may decide when you make the Halloween Clothespin Bat that you'd like to add a magnet to the back of the clothespin and turn it into a fridge magnet. Make sure you position the eyes by the clip part of the clothes peg if you want to clip it in that direction. A fridge magnet could be clipped either way so that it could be hold a message from it's head end or other end - your choice!

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Here's what you need: clothespins, a pencil plus extra paper or cardboard for stencil, black paper or black fun foam, glue


1. Paint the clothespins. Let dry.

2. Enlarge the pattern onto a scrap piece of paper or cardboard making the body big enough to cover the length of the clothespin.(The side of a cookie box was a perfect fit)

3. Using it as a template, trace and cut out the 2 shapes from the paper or fun foam.Cut two pieces for each bat you want to make.

More pictures here

To finish:

4. Lay the clothespin on a flat side and glue on the bat wings.

5. Glue the bat body on top of the bat wings.

6. Add googly eyes if you wish and/or a magnet to the other

side of the clip.

Here’s what your bat will look like when you’re finished.

Here's some options:

Instead of using or having to go out and buy some black paper, use scrap paper or some paper or light cardboard that you recycle, for instance, from a cereal box.

Have your child paint it black or any other colour they choose. Add tiny buttons, sequins or glitter if you want - after all, it's YOUR Halloween Clothespin Bat - and you can be as creative as you want.

Instead of googly eyes, which really are fun, try laying a white button with a tiny black button on top - or if your child wants, just let them draw the eyes in as they paint it.

Ok, maybe real bats don't glisten and sparkle but I'd have a hard time not adding some bits of foil candy wrapper paper to my bat, cause I just like stuff that shimmers and shines too much - and frankly can just never leave well enough alone.

Have fun making your Halloween Clothespin Bats

P.S. If you print off this page for the template,: we found that increasing it by 123% on our printer made it the right size for a standard clothespin (Walmart).

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