Kid-Friendly Exercise

10 Kid-Friendly Ways To Get Your Kids Moving!

There are a lot of reasons why you might need these 10 Kid-Friendly Exercise tips. The kids come home from school, they have a snack and the next thing you know they've flopped on the couch with the remote in hand. Oh, oh!

One of the two main components in keeping your child healthy is exercise.  Many kids today are so immersed in computer, TV and video games, it's no wonder exercise is not a part of their daily routine.  It simply gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and then the day is over before you know it.

Since obesity has become a pandemic in our society, especially among children, it is important to establish an exercise program early on so that kids will not view exercise as something they dislike, but rather something they enjoy.

The question is: how do you change this scenario and help your children to get fit and be healthy for life.

Here are 10 kid-friendly exercise ideas to help you incorporate physical activity into your child's daily routine.

1. Bike riding - Whether with family or friends, this is one activity most kids love to engage in either at your local park or around the neighborhood. Often used bikes can be found for reasonable prices, especially for younger children. Wear proper safety equipment and teach your children Bike Safety Rules.

2. Sports - Some of the best kid-friendly exercise happens in a group. Does your child belong to a sports team?  Whether it is baseball, football, soccer or football, ensure they have signed up for after school sports activities.  Does it have to be an organized sport? No, indeed. There's swimming, gymnastics, dance, ice skating and more. Check out community facilities; they may have resources that aren't too costly. It doesn't have to cost a bundle - just be sure that something happens.

3. Walking the dog - Exercise can be as simple as walking the family dog or a neighbor's pet after school or after dinner.

Love and exercise all at once.

4. Chores - You might not think of housework as a kid-friendly exercise but just as it's exercise for you, it's movement and exercise for kids! Whether it’s helping with chores inside the home, shoveling snow or cleaning up the back yard, this is a great way to engage kids in exercise. Make it more fun when everyone does activities together outdoors or you play music indoors.

The Bonus: When you instill a sense of pride into your children about their home and yard, you help to build, not just their skill level but also their sense of self worth and confidence.

5. Family walks - Kid-friendly exercise is doubly good when everyone gets involved.  More than anything children want to spend time with their parents. A 30-45 minute walk after dinner with the entire family is not only wonderful exercise for the kids, but for the entire family as well. Digestion and sleep may improve, its a wonderful family time that won't be forgotten, everyone's stress levels will decrease and who knows, you may get to know your neighbours a little better. Your family could set a whole new trend in your community!

6. Shoot some hoops - The entire family can play a game of basketball after dinner each night.  Spending an hour exercising after dinner is also great for the digestive system. The last time we played, the older ones practised shots into the hoop on the garage and the little ones shot balls into a tomato cage pushed into the lawn. Everyone had fun!

7. Indoor exercise - Do you have a home gym or an area set aside for exercise? Utilize an exercise DVD that you and your kids can participate in at a certain time during the day. Buy a rebounder or exercise ball that can be used even while people watch TV.  

8. A daily walk with your children is another activity encompassing fresh air and exercise.  Whether it’s a trip to the local supermarket or walking around the neighborhood, this routine is perhaps the best way to keep your kids active. When you go along, you all become more fit! It's a great time to talk, too.

Best Pennywise Tip: Get a pedometer for at least one of you so you can track how many footsteps you take. Mark the results on the calendar and dmire
 your accomplishment as it improves. This can really build motivation.

9. Jogging - At a specific time each day, take your kids to the park and use the local track to begin a jogging routine. Let them use their favorite energetic music on with an MP3 player or iPod to keep up the pace. When they choose the music, they feel a part of the whole program.

10. Handball - This is a great activity for kids.  You can utilize the park area and play a few games.  This is wonderful for younger kids to learn hand/eye coordination as well. For young children, there are inexpensive 'soft' balls, small and larger, that can be found at the dollar store.

No matter what the exercise, it is important to teach your kids to engage in some form of daily activity to strength their bodies and keep them active both mentally and physically.  This is important especially during the winter months when cold weather tends to keep children indoors more with a tendency to slouch on the couch.

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