More Kitchen Tips

More Kitchen Wisdom from the 1950's and 1960's

More kitchen tips and tricks from way back when.

These are tips and household advice collected from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s thanks to my mom and grandma. Many are a little bit different, some apply just the same as they did then.

I love to get a peek into kitchens back 50 or 60 years and more. As a matter of fact, not only do I love these hints and tips but I went on to collect even more kitchen tips  and household hints as I got older.  Just as my mom passed her wisdom on tome, I pass it on to my daughter, and she to her daughter.

They say history and family information has been passed down through time by stories, poems and songs that were told countless times before there was paper or books were common – they missed the countless instructions passed from cook to cook that was probably even more a foundation to history than tales of valiant heroes. We are the Kitchen Heroes! Our legacy we pass quietly to those who work beside us.

Here are more kitchen tips:

Polish brass ornaments well, then paint with clear nail varnish for lasting gleam.

A thin coating of petroleum jelly will stop the ice tray sticking in the fridge.

The heat from the grill will keep another saucepan simmering.

Hang or clip kitchen gadgets on the inside of cupboard doors – handy and dust protected.

Candle will fit most candlesticks if dipped in hot water first.

Never try and pull a cork unless the corkscrew has gone right through.

Don’t scour enamelware.  Burnt food must be soaked off.

Candles will burn longer if coated with clear varnish and allowed to dry before using.

Stains inside bottles can be removed by half filling them with soda and water and crushed egg shells.  Shake bottle until stains disappear, and rinse well.

Brown stains on china can be rubbed away with a damp cloth dipped in salt.

Clean the mincer after use by mincing a piece of stale bread.

After cleaning windows and mirrors rub with newspaper or tissue paper to get a final gleam.

Stains on knives can be rubbed away with cut potato dipped in ash or scouring powder.

Cups without handles can still be useful as molds for individual jellies and blanc manges.

Stained metal tea pots can be cleaned inside by filling with pieces of rhubarb and boiling water.  Leave overnight.  Wash thoroughly and finally scald.

Black marks left in a saucepan after boiling bones can be cleaned off by boiling some apples or apple peel in the pan.

The tray on baby’s high chair is easily kept clean if a polythene bag is slipped over it before meals.

If one of your saucepan lids is minus the knob, put a screw through the hole, point upwards, and push a cork down onto it.

To clean  rust spots caused by dripping taps, from porcelain enamel, make a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar.  Cover the rest block and leave for 10 seconds, then wash off with hot soapy water.

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