Reuse Tea Bags 

17 Other Ways To Reuse Tea Bags

Yes, I do. I reuse tea bags all the time! and not just to make more cups of tea. While I admit that I like my herb tea fairly weak and often use the tea bags multiple times, I also re-use the bags in lot of other ways.

If you’re a tea drinker, like me, you may be wondering what to do with all those leftover tea bags, too.

Here are a few ideas:

Reuse Tea Bags in the Garden

1. Compost. The simplest way. Add then to your vegetable waste from the kitchen and make compost. Tea bags make wonderful compost for your garden. Simply add them to your compost heap and let nature takes its course.

2. Tea Brew for Plants. A weak solution of tea used to water your plants is said to protect plants from fungal infections.Roses love the tannic acid that occurs naturally in tea.

To encourage seeds,  such a sweet peas , to germinate, soak them in cold tea. Its tannins will soften the casing. Chamomile tea is particularly effective for its  anti-fungal properties, which reduces  damping-off.

Even better may be sprinkling the tea leaves around the plants to deter mice. Even if it doesn’t keep them away, it will add to the nutrient value of the soil.

Reuse Tea Bags for Personal Use:

3. Eye & foot soother:

Used tea bags, particularly chamomile bags, can be cooled and placed on the eyes for a wonderful soothing relaxant.

Soothe your hot, aching feet! One of my favorites! Hot summer days mean hot aching feet.  Adding the oil In the bath, as a foot soak, or added to a favorite lotion or foot cream is a perfect way to make use of peppermint oil. 

But you can also reuse tea bags by adding them to warm water in a basin big enough to hold your feet. The tea will help to soften calluses and remove any foot odors.

Use this before you wear your summer sandals or last thing at night to cool, calm, and prepare yourself for sleep.

4. Use on sun burns.  Peppermint tea bags are great for sunburns. Leave to cool then place the bags on the burnt areas. Also tea works really well. Put tea bags in your bath tub or pour cool tea on your skin. Rub the tea bags on your face!

5. Use on cuts. Used tea bags are also great on cuts and bruises. You can use any variety but green tea, and both peppermint and chamomile herbal teas have good soothing qualities. They will reduce pain, help to draw out infection, and so aid in healing.

6. Hair rinses: Herbal teas make great hair rinses. Best herbal hair rinses to condition your hair?

For Blondes: Chamomile tea, pour a cup of warm chamomile tea over your freshly shampooed hair.
For Redheads, use Hibiscus tea
For Brunettes, use rosemary or sage

More info and tips on hair rinses here.

7. Mouth Rinse: Swish your mouth with peppermint or green tea made from a weak solution made from 1 or 2 used tea bags to freshen your breath. 

Re-use Tea Bags Around The Home:

8. Home Cleaning. Sprinkle the dried but slightly damp tea leaves from your used teabags over your carpets. Leave until they are totally dry and they are easy to vacuum up.

9. To restore finished wood furniture, steep two tea bags in hot water for 10 minutes. Let cool, then dampen a clean soft cloth with tea and wipe over wood furniture. It will bring out the woods natural color and shine.

10. Shine floors: You can also use the window spray to clean wood floors. Spray it on, wipe it off. Admire the shine.

11. Polish mirrors: Make a weak solution of tea (reused tea bags are perfect for this), put it in a spray container and use to lift fingerprints, grease, and grime from mirrors, glass topped furniture and even windows. I get mine in the refrigerator between uses (handy for 10 minute quick cleans) but it’s just as easy to make it fresh every time. Wipe clean, as usual, with clean lint free cloth. 

12. Washing Dishes:  Soaking your greasy dishes in hot water with some used teabags softens up stuck on,  dried food and break s up the grease.  Avoid expensive and harsher  products and make it easy for yourself!

13. Hands: If you’re keeping a stash of teabags near your sink for your dishes, then grab one the next time your chop up onions. Rub the used tea leaves over your hands also when you’ve been handling fish or garlic, too, whether in the kitchen or if you’ve just come in from gardening in your onion patch.

14. Use as pot pourri. I love this way to reuse tea bags, especially those delicious Christmas ones. Save your favorite herbal teabags, let them dry out and save them to add to sachets or jars of pot pourri. They will last for years with a beautiful scent. I know!  I saved up quite a collection and was amazed after a year that they still had a wonderful scent.

15. You can also add the tea leaves to your garbage cans waste bins around your home to neutralize kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom odors.
Got a problem with mice? Just as you would sprinkle tea leaves around plants in your garden to keep mice away, you can re-use dry teabags to deter mice (they just don’t like the smell) in your home. Either lay the teabags around in your pantry, kitchen cupboards, or any other place where you have a problem or , take it up a notch by adding  the power of peppermint .

In this case, it’s not re-using peppermint bags that is the most effective but adding a few drops of peppermint oil to the used teabags.  Not only will this deter mice but peppermint is widely used to deter spiders as well.

Christmas Tip for Quick No Cost Sachets  

Reuse Tea Bags for Crafts

16. For crafts: Tea solutions have long been used as a dye for fabrics or paper, especially to create an antique look. Experiment with different teas, different strengths, and different lengths of time to find your perfect shades.

To reuse teabags for your crafts, save up extras in order to achieve the depth of shade you are wanting.

Watch How To Tea Dye Paper here for your craft projects.

Reuse Tea Bags On Your Food:

17. Flavor pasta, rice, quinoa and other grains. Herbal teas that are especially good for this are chamomile, jasmine, and chai. By the way, fresh teabags are good for this, too. For every fresh unused tea bags, you might substitute 3 gently used teabags for the same flavor.

Tea is also used in baking, marinating and poaching fruits and meats. add it to stews and sauces if you want to experiment. The choices seem unlimited!

Add it to Mushroom Risotto.

Use with the Herbed Rice MixEasy Cooking Tips


Extra Tips:

Used tea bags are easy to dry out before storing whether you open them up or leave in the bag. Just make sure to let them dry quickly so squeeze as much moisture as possible out of them and flatten them. If I have more than just a few to dry I put them on the cooling racks used for cookie or cake pans. If I plan to use them fresh (not dried), or as a pre-made solution, I store them in the refrigerator, but only for a week or less.

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