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Best Pennywise Tips - Being pennywise is to be careful and diligent in the use of resources: health, family, friends,environment, time, money. We have money saving tips, recipes, frugal living, health, beauty, fitness, hypnosis, go green, garden, kids, sustainable survival, plus DIY business tips.

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Are you a Pennywise Person?

What does “being pennywise” mean? It means to live wisely within your means so you can enjoy the better things in life without hardship. You might call it being thrifty or living frugally, but it's all the same: choosing the best alternative. By allowing ourselves the chance to make a choice, we put ourselves in control of our lives.

I also love the concept of being thrifty and frugal because it is a respect for this Earth and every being who lives on it. A respect, also, for the wisdom of the past. So many tips and ideas have been passed on down over the years from other generations who valued what they had, made the most of it, didn't have the distraction of big box stores and malls, or the pressure of heavy media advertising to empty their pockets and fill their homes with, quite possibly, a lot of stuff they didn't need while filling their mail boxes with bills and their credit cards with debt.

Being pennywise is not about being mean spirited, or hoarding or being a tight-fisted scrooge. It's about wise use of your time, money and all your other resources. It's about making a better home, a better life in a better world.

In our experience, most pennywise (frugal, thrifty) people love life, enjoy sharing and feel a lot of gratitude for what they have – what’s around them and what’s within them, all the gifts and talents they have been blessed with and want to develop and share. They love doing!

Are you a Pennywise Person?

Being pennywise is to be careful and diligent in the use of resources - your health, family, friends, your environment, time and money – in your home, in your community, in the world, and, especially in your heart.

We love sharing helpful household tips, health & fitness tips that make life a little bit better and a little bit easier for you. And we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing recipes and garden tips and tips about children and pets and …well, just about anything we think of. We've been collecting tips for over 40 years! Now, we pass them on to an even younger generation who teach us even more tips about living green and recycling and re-purposing. What fun!

And we boldly look at plastic things and packaging as a challenge to

1. Re-use?

2. Recycle?

3. Never buy again?

What will you find at Best Pennywise Tips?

Besides just plain old familiar (and hopefully some you never thought of) good tips, money-saving, make-it-yourself, penny-pinching ideas – you’ll find good ideas for health, self-help, sustainability and survival, living green, families, pets, sports, car tips, fun, quotes and everyday wisdom plus quizzes and brainteasers to keep your mind active – because the better your health in every aspect, the better it is for all of us.

We also collect e-books of information so that we can pass them along to you - some of them are the sources for our penny-pinching tips and recipes.

Did you know? Saving money is not just about paying the lowest price at the store – sometimes that’s the most expensive way to shop. Being pennywise, or frugal, or cautious with your money, implies careful decision making and thoughtfulness about how you spend your money (whether through necessity or not) and time.

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