2 Day Slim Down

Have you left it a little late to lose those pounds?  Try this 2 day slim down but please remember this is a short term emergency weight loss plan. This is the plan for when you have a big party to go to or photos to be taken and you want to slip a few pounds off so you look and feel better in a hurry.

Your long term health is far too important for you to treat yourself harshly now, only in the name of trying to look better. You need to respect your health and well-being. So save this 2 day slim down for emergencies only.

The better plan is, of course, a long term health and fitness plan, but, we're talking quick and short term here.

So, just a word of warning before you start this 2 day slim down.

Too often people who opt for drastic, calorie-reduced diets pay the price down the road with serious health problems and – worse yet - regaining the lost weight plus extra in a very short time.

Remember this is for 2 Days.

Unfortunately each person tends to blame themselves for their failure, not the diet plan, and that only leads to loss of confidence and self-respect.

You jump right into the Blame Game – and that’s a downhill road. 

Don’t do it.

2 Day Slim Down

Long term weight loss is a great idea but gradual and slow should be the name of the game.  However for those last minute panics, these tricks will work.

1. The first day of your 2 day slim down plan should be a juice only day.  This means either pure water with a squeeze of lemon or some homemade unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices. Vegetable juices especially will help to give you some key nutrients to keep you going. 

A day drinking just juices will not cause most people any health issues but it is definitely not suitable for those who are pregnant, already underweight or have any existing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney problems. Always check with your doctor.

Use organic produce where possible when making vegetable and fruit juices.  Always wash the produce carefully before preparation. This is particularly important if you cannot afford organic, but, organic or not, scrub your fruit and veggies.

When using celery or root vegetables include the stalks and leaves in the juice as a lot of the nutrients are contained here. Beet greens are just as good for you as the beet. Broccoli stalks are loaded with nutrients also.

Try combining carrots and apples or raspberry and peach.  Just juice enough for one serving and drink immediately as the nutrients start to disappear very quickly.  

Some say, you can drink as much as you would like but be reasonable, too, especially if you’ll be out and about. See how your digestive system handles things first. (more on that later) 

Aim to consume at least 1.5 liters of water so you do not dehydrate.  Water should be filtered and not carbonated or flavored.

2. On day two you can add some fruit to your diet. Fruit has a laxative effect so will help you to continue to lose weight by making your bowels move.  It will stimulate your colon and so will increase the amount of waste eliminated by your system.

Watermelon is a diuretic so will speed the passage of fluids through your system.  Pineapple and Mango will help to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your gut while grapes will help to counter the production of mucus which can clog your tissues.

(this is later) Be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation while you are on this plan – and even following it – so leave yourself a day or so before the big event. While following this plan you will probably want to stay close to home in case the laxative effect comes on rather suddenly. 

Best Pennywise Tip:  Following this 2 day slim down diet will help you to lose water weight and bloating, both of which will make you look slimmer.

Now take it one step further and -

Dress for Success. Use whatever tricks you can find to make yourself look slimmer.

This includes:

  • Standing straight as correct posture makes us all look slimmer.  
  • Wear the right size clothes (not too tight, not too baggy) in colors that flatter your shape and draw attention to the good bits rather than the bad. 
  • A beautiful scarf or necklace that draws attention to your face will distract from many a lump and bump you wish wasn’t there.

Have a beautiful day!

Losing weight, exercising, improving our lifestyle for health or any other reason is just not that easy. Will power? It has a mind of it's own - or we'd all we making these improvements already, wouldn't we? We don't have these problems because we want them (except maybe psychologically); they just happen when we are living life.

Even for a quick weight loss, like 2 Day Slim Down, we need to give ourselves the edge - and hopefully an edge that will last longer than 2 days. We need something that will be better than willpower - because when it comes down to it, what we need is help to change our mindset. That's right, changing our minds (our thinking patterns) is what will give us the edge.

I highly recommend  - as do others who have used HypnosisDownloads - for the quality of their sessions. Yes, you can find much longer sessions (for personal hypnosis/visualization sessions I would be charging $300.00 to $400.00 for a program of 5 - 45 minute sessions) but the sessions and programs that Mark and Roger produce are very well crafted with a lot of experience and psychology behind them.

If you need that "edge" start getting the help you need today.

Never tried hypnosis? A bit nervous about it?

Here's a free download:

Get a free download from Hypnosis Downloads.com on the Uncommon Knowledge Facebook Group

 Speaking as a hypnotherapist, I know we don't make changes that quickly all the time. Most of the reason for this is that we are complex human beings, with years of life shaping events behind us. Each one of those events has affected us in some way. That's why it's sometimes difficult to make changes. We think we want to improve or change but when we go to do so it might be easy for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, then before we know we are right back in our old habits. 

That's why hypnosis works over willpower. It can reach our inner selves - if we let it (it's not brainwashing) and make the changes where they most need to be changed.

Why let old experiences or old thinking patterns run your life today? You can become the person you know deep inside that you really are.

The  Weight Loss Pack is their top program. If you can afford it, this will be your best buy. If not choose the one that most resonates with you today.

Weight loss Hypnosis

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