3 Great Tomato Varieties

Perfect for Container Gardens

Here are 3 Great Tomato Varieties, tried and tested, that are perfect for Container Gardens. Container gardens offer so much for the small, apartment, and senior gardeners who have limited space. Though tomatoes are fairly large and hungry plants, fresh tomatoes have a taste well worth making them an important addition to your small space garden.

If you have limited gardening space, using buckets, pots and containers to grow tomatoes is a great alternative. Thanks to their small footprint, pots and other containers offer an ideal and creative way to get your gardening fix no matter where you live.

Container gardening offers other advantages, as well. For starters, growing a few plants in containers is a lot less intimidating to beginning gardeners than trying to plan and care for a large vegetable garden. Obviously, it is a lot easier to care for and maintain a small container garden than a large outdoor area. For one thing, this more portable set up allows you to move your tomato plants around so they get the recommended 10+ hours of sunlight each day. With just a little bit of planning and minimal effort, container gardening makes it easy to enjoy delicious fresh tomatoes throughout the growing season.

However, not all tomato varieties are perfect for container gardens. If you want to ensure great tasting tomatoes - and the biggest possible yield for your small space - be sure to check out these three great tomato varieties listed below when you next visit your local nursery or online seed store..

3 Great Tomato Varieties

1. Japanese Black Trifele

Not  all tomatoes are created red! This first of our 3 great tomato varieties is the Japanese Black Trifele. Although the Japanese Black Trifele is considered a great container tomato, be advised that it can be found in both indeterminate and determinate varieties, meaning some type s of this plant spread and some don't. Before buying a particular plant, you’ll want to make sure the ones you are considering are the more compact variety. 

The pear-shaped fruits of the Japanese Black Trifele will develop a deep mahogany color as a sign that it is ripe. This beautiful fruit is as visually appealing as it is delicious, so this variety performs double duty as an ornamental.As far as flavor goes, expect a sweet and smoky, multi-layered taste.

For hands-off tomato growing this is a fan favorite thanks to its hardy nature and stunning good looks. 

2. Sungold

This highly popular cherry tomato can be found just about everywhere and since they are not overly sprawling plants, they are perfect for container gardens. The Sungold’s fruit has a tropical, fruity flavor that is out-of-this-world delicious warm off the vine.

This plant is known to be very strong and requires very little tender loving care. Also, a single Sungold plant can keep your entire family in cherry tomatoes all summer long.

Best Pennywise Tip: Start one or two extra plants about three weeks after your first plant for fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes all season long.

3. Brandywine

The charming Brandywine variety has earned the title of "my favorite tomato" from gardeners everywhere thanks to its delicious flavor. In fact, it consistently wins first place in tomato taste tests in the United States and abroad.

The highly versatile Brandywine tomato is perfect for container growth. Be forewarned, however… this particular variety can grow rather large.  Solve this problem with a couple of sturdy stakes plus consistent and regular pruning to keep it in line. Alternately, you may prefer to place your container along your balcony or deck railing to help support its growth.

If your planter is big enough (which it needs to be anyway) I would still advise putting a trellis in it to avoid having to tie the tomato plant to the deck or balcony railings. That's partly because I like to be able to turn my containers around, if I can, to let all sides of the plant enjoy basking in the sunshine.

So there you have it – three great varieties of tomatoes to grow in containers. Of course, this list is far from comprehensive. With thousands of tomato varieties to choose from, you are sure to find many other great options for your container garden once you start looking.

A couple of examples include the Wapsipinicon Peach with its delicious and fuzzy fruit or the intriguing Black Krim heirloom variety which yields large purple and red fruits. These varieties, along with our 3 Great Tomato Varieties, are sure to be welcome and productive additions to your container garden this season.


Try this with your garden fresh tomatoes!

Fresh tomatoes picked in the middle of a hot summer day...best thing ever. I think I'll slice a few up and try one of these 3 Great Anytime Sandwiches today.

Which one of our 3 Great Tomato Varieties will you choose for your container garden? All three? Great! I think we will, too. Please share this information around your gardening friends - and maybe even with some people who haven't tried gardening yet. Thanks, if you do. We appreciate it.

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