30 Healthy Fat Tips

30 Tips for Choosing Healthy Fats in Your Diet

PLUS Recipes for Mediterranean Couscous and Mango Guacamole

30 Healthy Fat Tips

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These 30 healthy fat tips should help you make clearer choices when you are shopping for nutritious food. In a world where health information seems to change on a regular basis, it isn’t always easy to know which nutrient, let alone which product is better.

For the past few decades, we’ve heard all about the virtues of a low-fat diet and the dangers of dietary fat and cholesterol. But with the number of overweight and obese people climbing every day and statin drugs for lowering cholesterol the most commonly prescribed medications in the world, researchers have recently reviewed the low fat trend. Emerging research has shown that there is such a thing as healthy fat which can increase your good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol-think H for healthy) and decrease your bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol-think L for lousy).  

But with so many so-called healthy oils and butter substitutes on the market, how do decide what’s best to buy? Here are 30 healthy fat tips to guide you in deciding which might be the healthiest fats to include in your diet.

30 Healthy Fat Tips

1.    Choose plant-based oils such as olive oil, or peanut oil if you are not allergic to nuts.  Plant based oils will not contain cholesterol as compared with animal-based oils such as butter.

2.    Choose monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Mono means 1 and poly means more than 1.  These fats are most easily used by the body for a range of important functions and are healthier for you than saturated fats. These will help you feel full and make it less likely that you will eat saturated fats from animal products, such as butter and lard.

3.    Go Mediterranean. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be heart healthy due to the proportion of olive oil used as dressing and cooking oil.

Yes, olive oil is actually higher in calories than butter but it contains no cholesterol.

An important value for many people.

Mediterranean Couscous  

(from Healthy Harvest Cookbook, Coming Soon)


8 ounces of Mediterranean style vegetables, prepared
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 ounces of dry couscous (made with vegetable broth)
Approximately 2 ounces of feta cheese
Approximately 2 ounces of pitted, sliced black olives


1. Preheat oven to 350F.
2. Place a selection of prepared Mediterranean vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, red onion, and peppers in a baking tray and top with a little olive oil.  You’ll need approximately 8 ounces of chopped vegetables.
3. Bake vegetables for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
4. Cook 4 ounces of couscous according to package instructions – replace the water with the same amount of vegetable broth for more flavor. 
5. Fluff couscous with fork and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a little bit of salt and pepper to taste.  Mix through.

Serve couscous topped with prepared hot Mediterranean vegetables and a sprinkle of chopped feta cheese and olives.

4.    Choose natural oils, not ‘lite’ or ‘light’ ones. Some people find the taste of olive oil a bit overwhelming, such as that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO.  There are different grades of olive oil you can try until you find one that suits your palate.

Avoid oils labeled lite or light, however, because those words do not usually refer to the color of the oil, but the fact that is has been blended with another type of oil, one potentially less healthy for you.

5.    Eat olives. These tasty little foods are the origins of olive oil, so you can get all the benefits of the oil plus a tasty snack for only a few calories per portion.

Rinse off the salt water they are usually packed in to make them healthier, and enjoy!

6.    Substitute olive oil for butter in a range of recipes.  Use it as a spread on bread ( or dip your bread into a small dish of olive oil. Yum!) and for cooking and frying.

For Olive Oil Dip, Elizabeth over at bowlofdelcious.com says It's as simple as "pouring some olive oil into a shallow bowl (I myself often use a side plate), adding a bit of salt and pepper, perhaps some crushed red pepper, then swirling a small amount of balsamic vinegar into the mixture".

What I love most - her suggestion to toast the whole grain bread. Mmm...warm bread + Olive Oil Dip. Pure heaven.

Frost your vegan cake with Olive Oil Icing. If you miss buttercream frosting on your cake, try a simple glaze of water and powdered sugar instead, with a dash of olive oil for body and texture.

You can find more advanced recipes for real frosting over at foodretro.com and foodblogandthedog.wordpress.com.

It seems the only difference between the 2 recipes is the amount of icing sugar that is used.

Gotta be honest here, I haven't tried Olive Oil Icing yet...so simple to do but I still hesitate about the taste. One day I will do it.

7.     Eat avocados.  These tasty fruits contain a range of heart-healthy fats 75% monounsaturated and 25% polyunsaturated.

They are versatile and can be used in sandwiches, salads, Mexican and Tex-Mex meals, smoothies and more.

8.   Use guacamole instead of mayo in your sandwiches. Oh, gosh, this is so good. Making a sandwich for one or two, you don't even have to do much more than slice the avocado onto your bread, mash it lightly with a fork and add whatever else you want. Heaven. You may want to make an extra sandwich or two. these are that good.

Like this idea?

Then add power to it by reading Tip # 9. Yup, that's the next one.

9.    Make your own guacamole.

It's so easy, you'll never want to eat anything else again. 

Mash fresh avocado with some fresh tomatoes cut into cubes and a squirt of lemon or lime juice.

That's it! You could do it right at the table and wow your guests.

Use your guacamole for a dip with chips or vegetables or as you would mayonnaise, on turkey sandwiches, with your tuna salad, and more. 

Be careful of commercially prepared guacamole, however, as it can often contain unhealthy fats. In fact, some actually contain very little avocado. If you must buy it, be sure to read the label to make sure avocado is listed as the first ingredient.

Like a bit of a bite, a tingle to your tongue? Punch your fresh guacamole up a notch, with this delicious recipe for something different and see how quickly you'll have fresh guacamole ready to eat. I love the touch of spicy with the cool mango and creamy avocado.

Mango Guacamole

Mango Guacamole

(Excerpt from Healthy Fats Recipes Coming soon).


1/3 c. red onion, chopped
4 tbsp. lime juice
1 small jalapeno pepper (2 if you like it hot)
4 avocados, peeled and pitted
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 large mango - peeled, seeded, and chopped
½ tsp. sea salt
¼ tsp. black pepper


This is one of the easiest things to make because you simply toss everything into a bowl and using a potato masher, mash it to the desired consistency that you like.
If you like really smooth guacamole, you can use a food processor to combine everything.

Serve at room temperature.

10. Explore nut-based oils.  We have already discussed peanut oil, but there are several other nut-based oils high in monounsaturated fats that are worth experimenting with, including hazelnut (also known as filbert), macadamia and almond.

Are you struggling to live the healthy lifestyle of your choice?

Is this YOU? You read 30 Healthy Fat Tips and - bingo! - your life changes for the better. You no longer eat anything that is bad for you, your health improves and you sing a new song - until you get tempted (which is often about the time your friends get tired of hearing about your new healthy eating habits).

It sounds so easy to improve eating habits, you know it's merely a matter of mind over cravings, so simple. Right?   
But not for all of us. Even though we read 30 Healthy Fat Tips and vow to make changes sometimes we need help.

Healthy eating can be a challenge. It’s not easy to always take full responsibility for your own health in order to make changes. Temptations are everywhere. Perhaps, you’ve found, like many others, that all too often and worst of all, is that temptations speak to us through our mind, weakening our resolve. Other people go too far and the desire to eat and be healthy takes over their life. Balance is always the key, isn’t it?

If you are looking for balance working through the psychological aspects of healthy eating, confused resolve, and out of balance thinking can be as easy as, making changes in your mind.

Hypnosis is a gentle but effective way to come to terms with the psychological aspects of how your mind may be holding you back from achieving the health you desire while keeping your life in balance. Simply by re-educating your unconscious mind you can learn to take back control and gain the healthy lifestyle you dream of having in your future.

As a hypnosis practitioner, I know hypnosis and visualization work - I use it myself - and I have seen the difference it makes in the lives of others helping them to improve their well-being and health.

If you can't get in for personal sessions in your community, or are looking for a more frugal way to access this help at improving your diet and health, I highly recommend:

Healthy Eating

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30 Healthy Fat Tips

PLUS Recipes for Mediterranean Couscous and Mango Guacamole

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