5 Great Tomato Varieties     

Perfect for Homemade Sauces

These 5 great tomato varieties almost guarantee healthy crops, happy gardeners and cooks that love to make the best tomato sauces ever!  With thousands of tomato varieties on the market , it’s just not that easy to select the perfect tomato plants or seeds, especially if you spend hours perusing seed catalogues.

Selecting the best options for your garden may sometimes seem like a monumental task. (I know I used to start diving into seed catalogues as soon as Christmas was over)  Since each variety offers up its own unique set of characteristics, you’ll want to make selections based upon how you plan to put your precious garden bounty to use.

 If your goal is to serve up tasty tomato sauce, some varieties are better suited for the job than others. What are you looking for? The best tomatoes for succulent homemade sauces have fewer seeds and a firm, meaty texture and these 5 great tomato varieties fit the bill no matter how you plan to use your homemade sauce.  Thicker sauce, with as little cooking as possible is much desired.

Grow These 5 Great Tomato Varieties for Fantastic Homemade Sauces

Russian Big Roma

This disease-resisting heirloom tomato is excellent for pastes and sauces. If you want to be seen as a tomato sauce aficionado, you’ll want to grow this variety. Many tomato experts and master gardeners actually call the Russian Big Roma "the perfect sauce tomato." Unlike most paste and sauce tomatoes, this is an indeterminate variety which produces large, dark and deep red fruit with a pure and rich flavor available throughout the growing season.

San Marzano

This Italian determinate tomato variety produces a deep red fruit between 3 and 4 inches in length. Some gardening experts believe that the San Marzano makes the absolute best tomato sauce. Be warned, however…  don’t judge the San Marzano by its raw, right-out-of-the-garden flavor. The uncooked taste leaves a lot to be desired, but the process of cooking them down to make sauce releases the magic qualities in this tasty tomato variety.

Polish Linguisa

The Polish Linguisa tomato is an heirloom variety with very meaty flesh. It produces large fruit that are shaped like sausages and weigh up to 12 ounces. These odd looking and uniquely shaped tomatoes are ideal for sauces and pastes. This particular tomato makes a sweeter sauce and is a top choice of many discerning sauce-making tomato growers around the world.

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil tomato is extremely prolific. With bright red banana-shaped fruits that reach 4 to 5 inches in length at maturity, the Jersey Devil has very few seeds and a rich, sweet flavor. Thanks to its thick, fleshy texture, this delicious tomato can also be eaten straight off the vine in sandwiches and salads.

Amish Paste

This excellent sauce-producing tomato variety was developed in the United States and has been chosen by Organic Gardening magazine as a top paste tomato. Since the versatile fruit is juicier than most other paste tomato varieties, this delicious tomato is perfect for eating straight from the garden. So, don’t be afraid to add some to your favorite salad or sandwich, but make sure you save enough to makes lots of thick and full-bodied sauce!

For our basic recipe for home canned tomato sauce, you’ll need about 10 pounds of peeled and diced tomatoes to make 8 pints of tomato sauce. If you would like the convenience of lots of canned tomato sauce in your  food storage and pantry, you might want to grow quite a few plants.

Grow all one variety, if you have a preference, but for greater pest control, it can be wise to plant mixed selections, row by row.  I generally inter space them with onions and basil plants for pest control.

As always, check the selection at your local nursery to see which varieties grow best in your areas. They can also advise you on soil types and fertilizing needs but when it comes down to it most tomato varieties are heavy feeders, and thirsty plants when the tomatoes are enlarging, so to keep it organic and healthy, add lots of compost.

Of course, this is list is far from comprehensive. There are lots of other terrific choices that can be used to make succulent pastes and sauces. This list a great starting point, however, because you can easily find many of these varieties at your local garden centers or online. Try adding some or all of them to your garden this year for truly outstanding results later!

Looking for a source or just want to check out more varieties? Heritage Harvest Seed selections

If you found these tips on 5 Great Tomato Varieties, perfect for your garden, so you can make the best Tomato Sauce ever, then, please, share with your family and friends - or even complete tomato loving strangers. We'd love it and will think of you often as we stir our pots full of Tomato Sauce  or serve it on pizzas or pastas! Thanks!

Happy Tomato growing!

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