5 Uses for Cooking Spray

That You Might Not Have Thought of Yet

5 Uses for Cooking Spray that you might not have thought of - YET. Did you thinking cooking spray was just to make it easier for you while you are cooking in the in the kitchen? It sure is handy when you need to spray a cake pan or all those cups  in the muffin tin so everything you bake comes out easily.

But there's more ways to use Cooking Oil Spray and you'll love how convenient they are to use.

Here are some surprising ways to put non-stick cooking spray to good use – that will definitely help you get your chores done fast. Not all of them are in the house!

5 Uses for Cooking Spray

1. In the Home:

1. Squeaky door?  Cooking spray to the rescue! You don't have to run to the toolbox or scour the workbench for a can of oil. Head to the kitchen cupboards first for this baking help and then spray the hinge for peace and quiet. Ahh, what a relief.

2. In the kitchen - but not for cooking:

2. Leftover Spaghetti Sauce? Spray the inside of your plastic food storage containers before you pour in your favorite spaghetti sauce. 

Tomato sauces are notorious for leaving stains on plastic food containers  but a light spray of cooking oil spray will prevent this.

3. Winter Car Tips:

3. Car doors stuck shut?  The winter winds are blowing, the snow it is a-falling and there you are stuck in the parking lot with your car doors frozen shut.

Next time Old Man Winter threatens freezing winds and rain that turn into car doors that are stuck fast, grab your cooking spray and give a good coating to the inside frame of your car doors before the cold snap. 

Rub it in well and your door should open easily.

Phew! Already winter mornings look a little more friendly.

4. Spring is here!

4. Spring is in the air - and a young man's fancy turns to...the first bike ride of the year!

Have you been there - no lubricant handy and you're just about to head out for your first Spring bike ride?  Sneak in the house and grab that handy can of cooking spray from the kitchen cupboard when no one is looking.

All you need to do is lightly spray (not so it's dripping) the bicycle chain with cooking spray.  Wipe off any excess with an old but clean rag.

And while you're at it, you may as well, spray the underside of your lawnmower to prevent grass from sticking to the clean mower blades and under-housing of the lawnmower.

It'll only take a minute or two but it will save lots of time when you don't have to scrap off the clippings each time.

On a hot summer day after mowing the lawn you'd probably rather go sit in the shade with a tall lemonade.

Me, too!

P.S. For these uses sometimes the cheapest oil spray is found at the Dollar Store - and cheap is all you need. I'd get an extra can just to keep in the garage.

5. Home Reno & Repair: Quick Clean-up

5. Been touching up your trim and now paint is all over your hands, maybe your arms and most probably your nose and chin.  Grab your non-stick cooking spray for a quick and easy clean-up. 

Work it in well and then finish by cleaning up with soap and water.

Best Pennywise Tip: Have your hot soap and water ready with an old clean towel before you spray oil on your hands.
I'm wondering...if you applied some spray before you painted, would that make clean-up easier? Just apply a light coating over your arms if they're bare. And what about that nose of yours?

No sense creating more work for yourself when you can make household and yard chores go much faster and easier with just these 5 Uses for Cooking Spray that you might not have thought of before.

I'm definitely leaving an extra can of cooking spray in the garage right next to the lawnmower...and close to the bike.

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