50 Ways To Fast Cash

Here’s 50 ways to fast cash that you can do right now. These are ways others have made fast cash and you can, too.

Desperately needing some extra cash for an emergency is no fun but happens to many of us at different times of our lives. Some people have found that when they start a venture for some quick cash, it sometimes turns into a successful long term part or full time business. Whichever way works best for you, think long term and make the best of it.

50 Ways To Fast Cash - Quick ways to earn some money when an emergency happens. Some may even turn into small businesses that you can do part time or full time money earners. Never underestimate small & simple!

You’ll learn a few do’s and don’t along the way – and while the “don’t” may feel discouraging at times, see them as an opportunity to learn so you can move on to the next step on the road to success.

This list of 50 ways to fast cash may include the perfect answer for you right now, or it may serve as an inspiration that leads you on the perfect way to make fast cash for you.

If you have an idea of something, check out further instructions online especially sites like Pinterest. You might find some inspiration  on one of our Pinterest Boards.

Wishing you the best.

50 Ways To Fast Cash

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Have a yard sale.

1. One way to get money is to have a yard sale and sell items that you are getting ready to toss away or can do without because you don't want them any longer. Do small repairs and clean them up to get a better price.

2. You can always gather shells at the beach and polish and turn into jewelry.

3. Get cash surrender from life insurance policy.

4. Paint faces on rocks and sell as paper weights or garden décor. Some people do up sets for the garden or use large rocks for painting Welcome or an address on.

5. Go to a pawn shop and pawn some jewelry. If you are desperate.

50 Ways To Fast Cash: ASK for help. Wait, how did that cat get in here, this is 50 Ways to Fast Cash, not to canned tuna.

6. Borrow from a relative. Work out a repayment plan or a plan where you can earn it in the near future.

7. Go get welfare pay or food stamps. That's what it is there for. One man even said to me once about it, "That's one reason I am happy to pay taxes...to help others who need help." If you need help, don't feel bad about asking for help from your local church, other community support groups, or, yes, sometimes even accepting government assistance.

By the way, I noticed when i was running Community Kitchen groups  and frequently liaising with our local Social Services office, that the people who worked there never referred to it as Welfare. They called it Government Assistance. So you do that, too. You are not a Welfare mom, or a Welfare any other person. In the Kitchen groups, I corrected anybody who used that term! New group members would often introduce themselves as "a welfare mom" and I would say to them, "You may be receiving government Assistance right now, but frankly that's nobody's business where your money comes from." Sorry for my little rant. You need food, your kids need food, next thing you know you'll be on your feet again.

8. Dig small trees from woods (if allowed) and sell to homeowners. Learn names of wild plants and plant in pots for sale. Label with their names, best planting instructions and other information about them, especially if they are edible.  Make sure you are allowed to dig up the plants in the first place!

9. Offer to do housework or yard work for friends and neighbors. Post a small notice in a local cafe.

10. Roll newspapers up in logs, tie, dye and let dry... then sell for the fireplace. We used to make these and wrap them up in Christmas wrapping paper. When stored by the fireplace in my Grandma's old brass jelly pan, they looked cheery and decorative at Christmas time.

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Recycle good used clothing.

11. Cut up old shirts, dresses, and even jeans or slacks and make pot holders out of them to sell. Line them with pieces from old towels. An easy way to hem the raw edges is with bias tape you find in dollar or fabric stores in a variety of colors. Leave a loop of tape at one corner for hanging. If you can, make matching aprons. Cut squares of fabric out of old tossed out clothes and sell as wiping rags.

12. Hem those same squares if they come from pretty fabric like men's dress shirts and turn them into cloth table napkins. Make them in sets of 4 or 6 or 8. Some men’s shirts are perfect for this. Cut squares from the front and back as well as the sleeves.Take them up a notch and use fresh apples and fabric paint to stamp pretty summer designs on each napkins.

Cotton men’s shirt fabric would also be nice for baby or toddler size night gowns that are made very simply with a drawstring neckline and a bit of hemming. .

13. Gather driftwood from the beach areas and sell to craft shops.

14. Paint old used wine bottles and sell as hand painted vases. Sell in sets of 2 or 3 matching collections. Wrap twine around some to cover them completely.

15. Go house to house and paint house numbers on curbs for a fee.

16. Take the lawn mower house to house to mow lawns for a fee. It’s one great way to pay the cost of a new lawn mower.

17. Offer to dig or spade gardens for local neighbors for money.

18. Offer to sell fishing (earth) worms as bait - dig in garden to get the worms. Eventually you can set  up a proper worm farm. Check with your local agriculture agency for advice or go online.

19. Paint house exteriors in spare hours. Charge the prevailing rate.

20. Fill coffee cans full of plaster, paint all over and sell as door stops.

50 Ways To Fast Cash

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Grow or collect flowers to dry. Make arrangements to sell.

21. Gather vegetables, herbs, and flowers from your garden and sell at road side stand. Grow the flowers and seed heads that are perfect for dried flowers, like strawflowers, baby’s breath, money plant (or Silver Pennies as my mom called them), hydrangeas (learn how to color them), or roses.  These plants are all easy to dry.  Some flowers can be pressed and made into bookmarks, cards, pictures, or even jewellery. Pressing flowers is easy once you know how and doesn’t require much equipment.

22. Turn pine cones into useful decorations or jewelry and sell to shops.

23. Gather pine cones and sell to craft shops or local crafters. You may find customers by advertising online.Spray old building bricks gold, sell as "Fort Knox Rejects" paper weight.

24. Paint bricks with a vibrant enamel paint and sell as toilet bowl displacements. The gift  for the person who has everything!

25. Spray old building bricks gold, sell as "Fort Knox Rejects" paper weight.

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Start a pet walking business in your neighborhood.

26. Walk pets for your neighbors. Maintain a daily schedule and take a few dogs at a time.  I even hired someone to come to my home once to visit with my cats when I was out of town! She not just fed them but stayed for a while each day to play with them, then just sat and watched TV or read. Worked for both of us and the cats loved it.

27. Babysit for profits.

28. House sit for vacationers, get extra by keeping up the grounds.

29. Make fudge and sell house to house.

30. Do word processing for fellow students or fellow workers for a fee.

50 Ways To Fast Cash

31. Type menus for restaurants for a certain amount per menu.

32. Read books and do report outlines for a fee for students.

33. Research any subject (in library or online) for $25 a page.

34. Paint scrolls and designs on plates or make birthday plates.  Go beyond plates into Quote signs on wooden boards that are so popular now.

35. Teach people to do callisthenics or organize fitness walks for seniors or young moms, charge by the hour and have 10 at time.

36. Teach dancing and charge a fair price per hour.   You might turn it into a fun Mom’s morning out for your neighbors where you teach dancing to their pre-schoolers for fun.  Provide some beverages or snacks for the moms so they can have a good time visiting with each other - but you may find they want to join in, too!

37. Learn to do juggling and clowning, put on shows for pay.

38. Rent out as a clown to birthday parties, community or civic functions , trade shows and so on.

39. Get good at telling jokes and rent out to night clubs.

40. Sing for money at night clubs, weddings, neighborhood get-togethers, or business functions . If you are a great singer, but don’t necessarily want a full time job, offer your services

50 Ways To Fast Cash

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Sell baking at garage sales, farmers markets, Christmas Fair sales, or door-to-door to friends, family and neighbors.

41.  Bake fruit pies (or other baking) and sell house to house or at Christmas Fairs and Farmers Markets. Remember your summer Farmers Market customers who already love your baking may become your best winter time customers.  As you market in the summer, advertise how they can Pre-Order for your Time Saving Quality Christmas Baking. 

Pre-sell your orders.  Bake up some tarts using your best pie recipes. Use these for samples to hand out to your friends and neighbors so you can pre-sell orders. Remember, to be successful, everything you do must start with perfect cleanliness from the kitchen and equipment you bake in to all the samples and the way your products are wrapped for delivery. So put on a big apron and cover your hair. Use food safe gloves when handling. Your standards of cleanliness, as you tell your potential customers, will turn into one of your best marketing tools. People will feel comfortable with ordering from you even as they enjoy tasting your wares.

42. Make crafts and sell them at a road or side yard stand.  Advertise by having “Open House” garage sales so people can see your products and pre-order or purchase. Not enough things to fill a garage sale – invite your neighbors to join you and rent out stalls in exchange for you doing the advertising and supplying cold or hot drinks or free snacks to those who come. Tip: Make those free snacks your best cookies that you also offer for sale! Make them small for the snacks and bigger for the ones you sell in cello bags or even brown paper lunch bags.

43. Teach others to make crafts ($2 each) and have 10 at each class. Have you got a special craft you are successful at making? Share your knowledge! Helping others to create handmade gifts to give at Christmas time is not just thoughtful and generous, but can help you to bring in some extra money. You can repeat the classes at Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and any other time you want making new and different crafts each time. This can work especially well if you buy your supplies already in bulk, then you can offer kits for them to buy as well as teaching the classes.

44. Make Christmas wreaths before and during holiday season to sell, using discarded boughs from your own and neighbors' Christmas trees. Remember, not all wreaths are made from evergreens so explore other possibilities, too. Search out coordinating Christmas decorations and ribbons at your local discount and dollar stores.

50 Ways To Fast Cash: Make candles to sell at garage sales, farmers markets, Christmas Fair sales, or door-to-door to friends, family and neighbors.

45. This one of the 50 ways to fast cash is popular and sometimes turns into an ongoing business. Make Christmas candles from paraffin, soy, or beeswax and sell at Christmas time. One easy way to make candles is to make beeswax candles that are rolled up. First, you soften the sheets of beeswax with a hair dryer on low then roll them up as you want. Some are rolled straight across so they stand tall. Some are rolled at an angle. You can make tall or short pillar candles by slicing the sheets in half for a short pillar candle with a sharp knife and then for either, adding additional sheets until you reach the ‘fatness’ you like.

46. Polish shoes for office workers by going office to office once a day every day and charge a fair price for a shine.  Lawyers may be the best bet here.  Also see all accountants, clerks, insurance agents, etc.  Increase your sales by setting up a schedule and suggesting your customers bring their extra pairs of shoes in for you to shine.  If you can, print out your schedule so you can leave a copy at each office.

47. Learn how to make ribbon bows and sell to florists or gift basket suppliers.

48. Advertise any of your products or services online on sites like Craig’s list, Fivver, or Elance. Offer good service and you may find yourself with a repeat business. Many people support themselves fully with this kind of work at home business.

49. Set up a blog or website. If you know what to do to make some quick cash, search for ways to set up a free or low cost blog, choose some products to sell or a service you can provide, and do your marketing.

50. If you write, or can organize others who do, look into selling articles online. You can even solicit local businesses who produce their own company or customer newsletters and offer your products or services. Check out our advice for making money from writing.

Make Money from Writing Series:

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

This Make Money From Writing Series is ongoing. Watch for more articles and suggestions on how you can Work from home to make money from writing.

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