BPRC Self Help Samples

BPRC Self Help Samples

BPRC Self Help Samples are from some of our free-to-the-Okanagan Self Help reports and ebooks .

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BPRC Self Help Samples

 Self Help & Self Improvement

100 Ways To Improve Your Life: 4 Volume Series


Improving your life doesn’t have to be about making monumental changes. In fact, small changes can often make a huge difference to how happy you feel, and taking things one step at a time will help avoid overwhelm.
100 Ways To Improve Your Life is a 4 Volume Series featuring 100 Ways To Improve Your Life.
(From Volume 1, here is a random sampling of some of the first 25 ideas for improving your life one step at a time.)
1) Set Goals You Can Really Achieve
If we want to push ourselves to achieve more, then goals are a great way to do this. Although we can achieve things without goals, making time to set them can make our vision clearer.
However, setting goals that are too difficult to achieve won’t make you any happier. Next time you make your goals, make sure they are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

7) Quit A Bad Habit
Quitting a bad habit is never easy, but it can have a huge impact on your life. You can try something big, like giving up smoking, or start small, for example by vowing never to skip breakfast again. Whatever you do, make a list of the benefits it’ll bring you e.g. cost savings, health benefits, better relationships with others etc. Use that to motivate you.

10) Complain Less
Experts believe that constructive complaining is a healthy part of being human – i.e. complaining in a way that can actually help to change the situation you’re in.
However, complaining regularly for no reason, especially about another person behind their back, won’t do anything to change the situation, will encourage you into thinking of yourself as a victim (rather than changing your circumstances) and spread negativity onto others. 

(And that reminds us of Tip # 82.    You can find it here in 100 Ways To Improve Your Life, Volume 3.So I'll just slip it in here:)

82) Say “I Love You” More Often

Saying, “I love you” more often is a fantastic way to improve your own happiness and the happiness of those around you.

Although most people close to you know that you love them, saying it reminds them just how special they are. You never know when will be the last time you get to tell someone you love them, so say it often.

18) Get Enough Sleep
If you constantly stay up late to get more done then you need to stop. You can dramatically improve your life just by sleeping more! Sleep improves your mood, your sex life, your weight, your appetite, and your health in general.
If you feel that sleeping less makes you more productive, remember that going to bed earlier will actually give you a clearer head to get more done the next day.

Problems getting to sleep?

Consider any health related reasons that may be keeping you awake. Perhaps a health check-up is in order - or maybe you need to get an adjustment from a Chiropractor.

Giving your body regular "health" adjustments may be all it takes to guarantee the replenishing sleep you need.

42) Don’t Worry So Much About the Past and Future
So many of us forget to live in the present. Instead, we let our minds get consumed with the past and future. Although there are reasons to think beyond the present moment, when you’re feeling stressed try grounding yourself in the moment.
Focus on your breathing and remember that this moment is the only thing you know for certain. Worries of the future can wait. Enjoy whatever you’re doing. And, if you’re not enjoying it, find a way to improve your situation now.
 43) Admit When You’re Wrong
There’s nothing good that comes out of not admitting when you’re wrong. Being stubborn only prolongs arguments, and keeps anger within you. Instead, don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. People will always appreciate it, and you’ll let a weight off your mind.
46) Fix Things

We are part of a generation who takes things for granted. Products are cheaper than they were for our ancestors, and so we readily throw things out instead of trying to make do and mend.

Take some time to try and repair items that may have broken. It’ll save you money, and it’ll save more products from going to the landfill.

Bonus benefit: You'll feel good about yourself!

47) Visualize Success

Studies have shown that people who visualize physical activity in their heads reap the benefits in their body. Visualization has the power to make things happen, so practice visualization in your day-to-day life.

The more you visualize your desired outcome, the more you tell yourself that it is possible. Visualize how you will think and feel when you achieve that outcome, what you’re wearing, where you are, and as many other details as you can to make it real.

48) Love Yourself First

It’s important to love and care for other people, but this is very hard to do if you don’t love yourself first. Make a vow to take time for yourself, and to stop judging yourself. Don’t feel guilty about being selfish every once in a while!

49) Get Outside Every Day

Most of us spend so much time inside that getting “outdoors” generally means walking to the car! However, there are a number of health benefits of making sure that you get outside every day, such as getting Vitamin D, and being more at one with nature (which can boost the effects of exercise).

55) Make the Most of Your Gym Subscription

As many as 67% of people with a gym membership fail to ever use it! What a huge waste of money! If that sounds like you, then now is the time to change it.

Make a plan to start using the gym. Decide in advance which days and at what times you’ll go. And, if you really won’t ever use it, cancel that subscription. It’s a complete waste of money!

58) Accept That Nobody is Perfect

When you start to accept that nobody is perfect, this makes it easier to forgive and move on from disagreements. This includes accepting that you are not perfect, either!

Another of the BPRC Self Help Samples

You'll have noticed that 100 Ways To Improve Your Life, the first of the BPRC Self Help Samples is filled with individual 'short-but-sweet' tips. Lots of options for ad or image placements.

This second of the BPRC Self Help Samples is a small sample from one of our reports, The Power Of Positive Thinking.

Here's the first part of that report:

The Power of Positive Thinking

“Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” ~ Seth Godin

Believing in the power of positive thinking is one of the most effective ways to change your attitude. But this can be difficult for many people.

From the time we are young we are told not to do certain things. We hear the words “no” and “can’t” more often than not. We go through difficult times; everything from divorce to the loss of jobs or loved ones. We could become bitter and negative about everything in life.

Being optimistic is directly related to how we think. Positive thinking has the power to change a lot of things in our lives. Research reveals that positive thinking is more than just being happy or having a happy attitude. Positive thoughts can actually help you create life skills that last much longer than a mere smile.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, can narrow your mind and focus your thoughts. They keep you from seeing opportunities and moving forward – there is always that “what if” scenario going through your mind.

Positive thinking impacts your work, your health, and your life in every way. It’s been shown to affect how you develop your skills. It affects your health in how you see things. For instance, when you are happy, contented and feel loved, you see more possibilities for your life.

In this report we’ll discover what “positive thinking” actually is and how it affects us. We’ll see why it works and how you can incorporate into your daily life.

What is positive thinking?

René Descartes had it right when he said,

“I think; therefore I am.”

What and who you are begins with a thought. The mind is a powerful tool that can make or break your life and your business success. You can use your mind to fuel business success, change your life for the better and improve your relationships with others. But what exactly is positive thinking? Is it simply putting on a happy face or does it involve more than that?

You’ve probably heard the saying “Is your glass half-empty or half-full?” How you answer that question provides some insight to your outlook on life and whether you are generally a pessimist or an optimist.

Positive thinking is basically your mental attitude. It’s an attitude in which you always expect good results. In other words, it’s the process of creating thoughts that can transform energy into reality. A positive attitude looks for happiness, health and happy endings in every situation.

Positive thinking is gaining popularity among many people.

More and more people will tell you they got where they are because of their positive thinking lifestyle. In fact, a person who faces their life with a positive mentality will almost always be more successful in both their careers and their personal relationships than the negative thinker.

Understanding positive thinking and positive self-talk.

Positive thinking isn’t the act of hiding from life’s tough or unpleasant situations. In fact, positive thinking means you approach those situations in a more productive and positive way, instead of with a negative attitude. You believe the best is going to happen.

Negative people are worriers. They believe the worst will happen no matter what.

Positive thinking begins with self-talk – the thoughts that run through your head.

Negative self-talk leads to a pessimistic outlook on life, while a positive outlook leaves you an optimist.

Positive thinking isn’t the idea that you see the world through rose-colored glasses by ignoring the negative things in life, though. Positive thinking means having a positive outlook, but you don’t ignore the bad things. It involves making the best out of a bad situation, or trying to see the best in others.

Researcher and positive psychologist Martin Seligman put it this way: positive thinking is how you explain why something happened. People with an optimistic explanatory style will give themselves credit when good thing happen, but see negative events as temporary.

Those with a pessimistic style, on the other hand, blame themselves for all outcomes. They believe bad events will last and are to be expected.

There are health benefits that come from positive thinking as well.

Some of them include:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
  • Increased physical well-being
Positive thinking is more than just smiling and avoiding bad situations. Positive thinking is how you see every situation in a positive way. It reduces the stress on your body that comes from negative thinking. An optimistic and positive attitude leads to healthier lifestyles, both physically and mentally.

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BPRC Self Help Samples

Hope you enjoyed this taste test from BPRC Self Help Samples.  We hope it's made a positive difference in YOUR day, too!

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