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BPRC Advertising Programs ARE NOW AVAILABLE in the Okanagan.

This is the best of Best Pennywise Tips ONLINE with Bigger Tips - they've grown up into Reports and Ebooks withmore ( and bigger) space for advertising. Now you have a chance to really sell your business and services.

STILL building communities one tip at a time!
STILL family friendly.
STILL getting your ad seen as many times as possible for as little as possible.

But now, you get to give away something for FREE as well.   And everybody loves FREE.

BPRC Advertising Programs - Why put YOUR Ad in the BPRC?

Here's how the BPRC Advertising Programs work:

The Best Pennywise Resource Centre (BPRC) is a collection of quality, topical Reports & Ebooks that people will love receiving. All filled with useful information that they can put to use right away.

By eliminating the high - and growing higher - cost of printing and mailing, we can offer the same high quality tips, recipes and coupons our readers have come to expect. But more of them. (If you only knew how many people ask for more recipes)

That means we can offer more to your customers while you, the  advertiser, get more space - at a much lower cost.

And, our Coupon Packages? You pay ONCE. That's it. No monitoring the number of downloads. No extra % fees.

Plus there's less impact on the environment when more people can access this information online. They can make the decision to print out what they need, and only what they need, or just read online. That's good for all of us especially when recycling fees are on the increase.

And that's what we offer with the BPRC Advertising Programs - MORE OPTIONS. LOWER COST.


Space - More Space For Less

Online, there's just MORE SPACE FOR LESS.

Look what you can add.

  1. Full page articles promoting your business and your products of services.
  2. Or maybe you just want to place an AD. For example, maybe Your budget says Business Card Ad - Now you can bump it up a notch - No added cost.
  3. Add a Picture to your page. Go ahead, add 2 or 3 pictures. Full Color. No added charge.

More space without the extra charges.

And that's what we offer at Best Pennywise Resource Centre - MORE FOR LESS.


Reach the whole Okanagan.

Reach the whole Okanagan!
North Okanagan & Kamloops
Central Okanagan & South Okanagan


Here's the choice of Advertising Packages we currently have available.

Article/Ad Page Package with Special Introductory Price (It's a steal!)
Ad Only Package
Business Listing Package
Optional Add-ons
Coupon Book with Special Introductory Price (It's a steal!)
Set & Forget 6 Month & 12 Month Packages
Included: Online BPT Biz Listing
Optional: Online BPT Biz Directory -includes your logo or small Ad
Online Ad Spots

Please see details below.

BPRC Advertising Packages Available

1.  Article/Ad Page Packages & Options



  1. Your Article Page with up to 3 J-pegs (Your Ad or Pictures) PLUS
  2. Link to your Website

     Articles are placed after the main ebook contents, with your "On Theme"                article, ad, and pictures following.

Included: Online BPT Biz Listings

Bonus: Also includes Free Listings on 2 more pages in ebook:

  1. Table of Contents Page (TOC) - Your Article is listed in the TOC
  2. Thank You Pages

          Thank You pages are placed Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover


Paid For By Local Businesses!

Health in Hand Family Chiropractic
Professional Law Firm
Bank of Montreal West Kelowna
Blinds Plus
Professional Accountant
Local Attractions


LOCAL ATTRACTIONS are easy on the pocketbook ...
More great Money Tips here.


 Add a Quote with Link To Your Article. Like these:


Add a New Tip in Ebook with Graphic and Link To Your Article, like this one:

Best Pennywise Tip: Online is visual.

Some Ideas of Pictures You Might Add To Your Article Page:

Or a Schedule

Or Picture of Your Storefront

Or even an Infographic

2. Ad Only Package

Your Display Ad with Link to your Website

Your Display AD will be placed in the ebooks after the Articles but before the Business Listings.

Smaller Size or Double Size

(up to Quarter Page size)

Please note: Ad and Graphic samples on this page are not shown full size.

3. Business Listing Only

Your Business Listing with Link to your Website.

Business Listings follow the Display Ad pages.

A Window Store And More
Energy Star Windows, Doors & Skylights
For Canada Zones A B C D

4. MORE OPTIONS with Discounts     

Rinse & Repeat: After purchasing your first Article/Ad Package, Display Ad or Business Listing Package , we offer you the opportunity to  place a second Article/Ad Page, Display Ad or Business Listing in more than one Ebook at discount prices.

There are multiple ways to do this. Choose which works best for you. You are not restricted to one category.

You could opt to go into one  of these 4 Choices.

Choice 1:

1. A similarly themed ebook, like Depression Web and SAD Seniors that are completely different ebooks, but on similar topics:

Choice 2:

Some ebooks come in multiple editions or volumes but are on a similar theme, like Cooking, Self Help, Anti-Aging, Home Reno, etc.

Some multiple volume Ebooks are:

100 Ways To Improve Your Life: 4 Volumes

Self Help series: 8 Volumes

Anti-aging series: 8 Volumes

100 Recipes For the Weekend: 4 volumes

The Home Reno Series: Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Roofing, Flooring, Sundecks, and Sunrooms.


Choice 3:

There are lots of other 'single themed' ebooks available that might suit you as well but that are on a completely different theme or topic than the first package you purchased.

5. Coupon Book with Menu Option

Your Coupon Package includes includes up to 4 dated coupons.

We've ALWAYS offered double sided coupons - we don't want our customers (or readers) to lose out on the value of any coupon.

But, now, instead of 1single size coupon, double sided, turn it into one double size coupon - at no extra charge. You get 4 of those bigger coupons for the price of 1 now.

And, remember, with our Coupon Packages? You pay ONCE. That's it. No monitoring the number of downloads. No extra % fees.Advertising should be something you can budget, not a guessing game as to how much it will cost you.

Best Pennywise Tip: We DO recommend keeping colors to a minimum to encourage customers printing the coupons. In this case the simpler the better. Each coupon WILL link to your Ad at the back of the coupon book or Online. The very best choice here is Black & White.

You get 4 coupons, each with an ad size that is slightly larger than business card size. Place 4 single size coupons or design 2 double size coupons to take up 2 spaces. The choice is yours.

All coupons must be dated with clearly marked Expiry dates.

Remember, with the Coupon Package, you also get room to place an ad (drop in ready only) or Business Listing at the back of the Coupon Book. Your coupon will link to your Ad or Listing which will link to your website, with no extra charge.

By the way, this is a GOOD place to put your Frequent Buyer Loyalty Card.

Option: Your Menu Added to Coupon Book after Coupons - your coupon will link to your menu.

BPRC Advertising Programs

BPRC Advertising Programs

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BPRC Advertising - Book Your Ads NOW!


Reach The North Okanagan & Kamloops, Central Okanagan and South Okanagan at low, low rates.

If you would like to sponsor BPRC Ebooks, please CONTACT US HERE

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