BPRC Article Ad Advertising


BPRC Article Ad Advertising

The BPRC Article Ad Advertising Package is the best deal ever!

Most business owners know what the experts say: It takes 7- 10 times of a potential customer seeing your ad before they act on it. Many experts even believe in this age of shopper discretion and low economy, that it takes up to 13 to 15 views.

What we offer to business owners is an opportunity to load the deck  but in a meaningful, gentle way. Ads don’t have to be loud and brash to grab someone’s attention. The best ads are the ones that just gently slip into someone’s awareness. So we give our advertisers’ plenty of ways to do that.

Features of the BPRC Article Ad Package:

1.    By offering quality products filled with useful and helpful information for the family and home owner alike. In fact, just about anyone who is old enough to read would enjoy our Ebook selection. All our reports & Ebooks are written by professional writers.

2. Then, we offer multiple packages that fit even the most difficult budget with easy discounted upgrades for advertisers who upgrade within the first 3 months of a pre-paid 12 month package.

3.    Then, we offer multiple Ad Placements depending on the Advertising Package purchased.

4.    We offer deep discounts to make it especially easy to get into multiple Ebooks.

5.    We don’t just place your ad for a day or a week, we offer 6 month and 12 Month placements so your business gets as much viewing as possible over an extended time. Set and Forget.

6.    All the Reports and Ebooks are FREE. That’s right, readers in the Okanagan get them for FREE – with notification by email once a month to keep them up to date with new additions to the Best Pennywise Resource Centre.

7.    You get the opportunity to put in some “sweat equity” by posting on your social media sites or by emailing your customer data base to let them know about your gift to them.

 You can also put up a notice in your store about your FREE Ebook at BPRC or hand out little cards telling your customers about your FREE gift. It’s very true – customers appreciate FREE – it makes you memorable, too.

The special Bonus that sets this advertising apart – your article and ad stay in that Ebook for 6 or 12 months. Even if that customer forgets to get their ebook when they get home, they can still claim your FREE gift to them in a week or a month or even 12 months!

Once they sign up to receive their gift from you, they are eligible to receive many more valuable ebooks. Some of our Cookbooks alone would sell for $20.00 to $35.00.

With BPRC Article Ad advertising WE GO BEYOND

1.    In the BPRC Article Ad Advertising Package, we give you the chance to “sell yourself” by giving you not just an ad, not just a link, but a whole page to publish an article.


2. Big Benefit # 1: We give you SPACE to sell yourself. The hardest chore you want your advertising to do is to “get that new prospect - or returning customer - in the door. Right? That’s the purpose of advertising. To get a customer to act. To pick up the phone, to walk in the door, to pick you over your competition. Because that’s when you or your staff, your great products or service can really shine. That’s when you get a chance to sell yourself and your business

BUT unless you can afford large ads in magazines or newspapers, all you can rely on are small ads. Small ads that, as every business owner knows, may (or may not) be seen today and gone tomorrow. Usually just one small ad at a time for all your hard earned money, too.

With Best Pennywise Resource Centre, you can choose larger ads at the same price  - or lower - than many small print Ads..

1. Big Benefit # 2: Your ad gets seen, not just once, but multiple times. With the Article Ad package, your business first gets listed on the Thank Page at the beginning of the Ebook letting readers know who is paying (and who to thank) for their free copy.

Next your Article page is listed (with your business name) in the Table of Contents.

If you choose, you may have a link to your article within the primary ebook content. It may be a valuable Tip, product picture, or your small Ad. See BPRC Self Help Sample.

Then your Article on the ‘same topic’ as the Ebook follows the ebook content making you look like the expert. This is your page. Make it shine. This is just like a customer walking in your door and talking to you.

We use the term “page” lightly, too. We actually allow you up to 2 “pages” of a Word Document to use to ensure your article is readable and your Ad stands out. 

This is where your Article, Ad and further listings are now linked to your website.

We follow all the Articles with the Business Listing pages where, once again, your Business name is seen.

At the end of every Ebook is a repeat of the Thank You page.

Big Benefit # 3: You get up to 3 jpegs on your Article page. One would be your Ad. Others could be product pictures or a picture of yourself.

How would you best use this space?

You may place one of them in a relevant spot within the content of the ebook. Notice the Health In Hand Family Chiropractic Ad placement on the Self Help Sample page here

Big Benefit # 4: We don’t stop there. Your Ad or Business Listing may (as time and space permit) or can be placed in other Ebooks, Many of our ebooks come in a series by topic giving you multiple opportunities for additional Ad placements where your readers are targeted - like Home Reno, Health, Cooking & Family. But you can go into any ebook you choose. Extra placements are discounted. Free placements come on a first come, first served basis.

Big Benefit # 5:  Free Online Placements. Your Ad and/or Business Listing will be placed, at no cost to you, in our online Business Directory.

Optional Online placement: Your small Ad online in our Nav Bar on the BPRC download page. See Nav Bar on this page to the right.

Plus, you could buy into the Coupon Book (no discount) or place your small Ad online in our Nav Bar on the BPRC download page.(see sample page), too.

Our Advertising rates are so affordable with your BPRC Article Ad Advertising Package, even your Budget will smile!

BPRC Article Ad Advertising Rates

Please Note: Pre-Paid Introductory Rates include a 25 %  Discount (3 months FREE = $300.00 discount on 12 Month Package)
(We reserve the right to change our rates without notice)

1. FULL PAGE ARTICLE/AD PACKAGE                              PREPAID        REGULAR

6 Month Package:
      First Ebook Article Page with 2 Links...................... $ 550.00
      Renewal at 5 Month..................................................  450.00

12 Month Package:
      First Ebook Article Page with 2 Links.......................$ 900.00

12 Month Package Pre-Paid- 25 % Discount................... 675.00
      First Ebook Article Page with up to 2 Links/3 Jpegs....
      Second Ebook....25% Discount.............................

BPRC Article Ad Advertising

Another sample of a way to use your Jpeg within your Article Ad Package.

BPRC Article Ad Advertising

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