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BPRC Business Listing Advertising
in Best Pennywise Resource Centre

BPRC Business Listing Advertising is NOW AVAILABLE

In the Okanagan. For the Okanagan.

Advertising Works!

But, sometimes, when you want to Show the World your products

& services, does your budget argue?

      You want a nice1/4 page Ad like this:   

Or even a small Ad like this:

But your budget says Go Small:

Business Listings are Perfect for many Small and Home-based Businesses, especially at BPRC Prices -

12 Month Business Listing...ONLY $ 350.00

That's placement in 3 Ebooks

PLUS 1 Online

BUT WAIT! Wouldn't it be better if you could have

4 Listings for the Price of 3?

YOU ALREADY GET 3 Business Listings PLUS 1 Online at BPRC

and then

We give you a 4th Listing FREE!

When you advertise with

BPRC Business Listing Advertising

Your Budget will love you!

1. Maybe you'd like to place your listing in multiple places - and just Set It-and-Forget-It. That's it. Done. Now you can with our 12 Month Business Listing Package

2. What if you also got to place your listing in something of value that your customers got for FREE. Right on Topic. Saying Thanks to You.

And what if you did that  - and it still didn't break the bank? Yep! Budget now doing the Happy Dance!

Now, you can!  With BPRC Business Listing Advertising packages.

Your Listing is placed for 12 Months.

You get to choose from the Topics available - and invite your customers to sign up to receive it as a Gift from You.

You get up to 4 placements. That's your business information in 4 different ebooks plus Online.

If you purchase a second 4 Listing Pack within the first 3 months, you receive a 25% discount.

Pre-Paid Introductory Offer: If you upgrade to a Article/Ad Pack or an Ad Only Pack within the first 3 months, your purchase price is credited to the larger purchase.

Sample Page: not full size

Sample Business Listing

OK, you've noticed that this Sample Business Listing is more than 5 lines long. Some advertisers do Need more space and pay a top-up fee.

The annual fundraiser Rock For Kids at Whiski Jack's raises money for Children's projects in the West Kelowna community. It's a charity we support.  In this case, we DONATED the extra space to them.

If you have a local charity you support, you might want to donate or use some of your business listings for that purpose, too.

Reach the whole Okanagan!
North Okanagan & Kamloops
Central Okanagan & South Okanagan

BPRC Business Listing Advertising Packages Available



5. BPRC Business Listing Advertising Package

     12 Month Only Package ............................................................$ 350.00

Your Business Listing Purchase includes placements in up to 3 PLUS 1 FREE ebooks, plus Online. Please indicate ebooks by topics.

PLEASE Note: If within the first 3 months of your 12 month Business Listing purchase, you decide to upgrade to the 12 Month Article/Ad Package, your payment will be applied to the larger purchase.

Please send in your listing up to 5 lines long exactly as you wish it to appear ASAP.

Indicate also which Optional Topic Ebooks (this does not include the Coupon Book) you would like to be placed in.

Full RATES here.

BPRC Business Listing Advertising
Why put YOUR Ad in the BPRC ?

1. Reach a wide audience. The Best Pennywise Resource Centre (BPRC) is a collection of quality, topical Reports & Ebooks that will be given away FREE. Some are designed to reach a wide audience, and many are for  targeted audiences. Those include: seniors, families, home reno and home sellers, besides people searching for Health and Fitness Tips and Recipes. There's quite possibly one that is perfect for your business.

2. Reduce or eliminate the high - and growing higher - cost of printing and mailing. Better for the environment, too.

3. Greater selection of ways to reach targeted and new customers. Same high quality tips, recipes and coupons our readers have come to expect. But more of them.

4. Get More for Less. We now offer more to your customers while you, the  advertiser, get more space - at a much lower cost. Everybody wins. Just look at our Rates and Compare!

5. One size fits all. Our Ad Only Packages suit ads up to approximately a 1/4 page size for best visibility and readability.  This could be a great way to use an Infographic. Full colour. 

6. BIG Bonus! Your ad stays there for 6 or 12 months as more people download the ebooks, giving you more visibility.  It doesn't get recycled or thrown out after a day's use.

7. Sweat equity.  More and more people go online everyday. So do you. By using your own online resources to spread the word, you can target your existing customers plus reach new ones. A Notice put up in your business lgives you a chance to let your customers know where to find Free stuff - as a gift from you! Who doesn't love FREE!

8. Your Ad links to your website. Double whammy! Easy peasy! Make sure your website links back to BPRC, too!

9. All this - and - you can now reach the whole Okanagan. That's right. Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kamloops, Winfield. Kelowna, West Kelowna. Peachland, Summerlland, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos. All the way North and all the way South in the Okanagan valley. At no extra charge.

Business listings are excellent for small businesses, home businesses, Network Marketers and Multilevel Marketers .


Please note: Ad and Graphic samples on this page are not shown full size.

BPRC Advertising

All Advertising Packages Available

Here's the choice of Advertising Packages we currently have available.

Article/Ad Page Package with Special Introductory Price (It's a steal!)
Ad Only Package
Business Listing Package
Optional Add-ons
Coupon Book with Special Introductory Price (It's a steal!)
Set & Forget 6 Month & 12 Month Packages
Included: Online BPT Biz Listing
Optional: Online BPT Biz Directory
Online Ad Spots (samples in right Nav Bar)

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