BPRC Sample Ebook List

BPRC Sample Ebook List of reports and ebooks.

Some of the Ebooks that will becoming available in the coming months at the Best Pennywise Resource Centre:

Topics such as Self Help, Family, Children, Gardening, Fitness, Car Tips, Go Green, Survivalist, Sustainable Living,

BPRC Sample Ebook ListSelf Help

¨  Power of Positive Thinking

110 Bite Sized Self Help Super Tips

¨  Simple Rules of Motivation

¨  Anger Management: How to Stop Anger from Ruining Your Life

 ¨  Stress – What is Stress?

- More Than 10 Ways To Relieve Stress

 ¨  The Stress Is Killing You Report Series:

         Money Stress, Controlling Job Stress, Making Lifestyle Alterations,                 Reframe Stress with NLP & EFT Stress: A Danger To Your Heart, 7 Rules For Reducing Stress & Improving Sleep, How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in Children, Keep Contagious Stress At Bay, More Ways To Combat Stress

Are You Putting Your Heart Health at Risk?

¨  100 Ways To Improve Your Life Series

¨  100 Ways To Improve Your Life VOL 1 - 1 to 25

¨  100 Ways To Improve Your Life VOL 2 - 26 TO 50

¨  100 Ways To Improve Your Life VOL 3 - 50 TO 75

¨  100 Ways To Improve Your Life VOL 4 - 76 TO 100

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Health & Beauty

¨  Anti-Aging  Report Series: 1 Fight Back, 2 self-care, 3 memory , 4 beauty skin care, 5 skin products, 6 Supplements. 7 independence, 8 10 Ways Look Younger, and 9 For Men 

¨  10 Growing Younger Anti-Aging Plan 40 p

¨  10 Ways You Can Look and Feel Younger Fast 7 p

¨  Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder In Seniors

¨  Depression Web: Coping Isn’t The Answer

¨  Osteoarthritis: What Is It & What You Should Know

¨  Simple Ways To Deal With Allergies

¨  Alternative Medicine: The Ins and Outs of Non-Traditional Healing

¨  Natural Remedies: Weight Loss, Itching, Constipation, Acne and Head Lice and more

¨  Natural Health Tips

¨  Living Gluten Free

¨  A Guide To The Mental Benefits Of Running

¨  Holiday Weight Loss: 15 Tips To Help You Survive The Season

¨  Weight Loss Tips & Choices

¨  Stop Smoking: Kick The Habit + 30 Reasons To Quit


¨  A Complete Guide To Summer Hair Care

¨  DIY Recipes For Beauty Baths

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Fitness Tips

¨  Basics Of Body Building

¨  Sports Nutrition 62 p

¨  Cross Fit To Drop Fat

¨  Gaining Weight 101: Tips To Gain weight for The Skinnier Guy

¨  Aerobic Fitness

¨  Fitness Fundamentals: Basics of Staying Healthy

¨  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Fast Workouts and Fierce Results!

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Home & Garden

¨  30 Days To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale,  WEEK 1

¨  30 Days To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale,  WEEK 2

¨  30 Days To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale,  WEEK 3

¨  30 Days To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale,  WEEK 4

¨  30 Days To Stage Your House For A Quick Sale,  WEEK 5

¨  Wellness Garden

¨  Why Container Gardening Is The Best Way to Grow Plants

¨  An Introduction to Edible Landscapes

¨  How To Choose The Right Type of Gardening for You

¨  An Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening

¨  Introduction to Vegetable Gardening

¨  Planning Your Herb Garden

¨  Types of Organic Fertilizers and Compost

¨  Landscaping Tips and Ideas

¨  Lawn Care For Beginners  

¨  Garden Lovers Garden Tip 

- 51 Ways to Organize Your Home

¨  51 House Cleaning Tips

¨  45 Uses for Vinegar

Home Reno Series

¨  How To Hire An Electrician and All The Questions You Need To Ask

¨  How To Maintain Your Plumbing, Hire An Plumber and All The Questions You Need To Ask

¨  How to Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor and All The Questions You Need To Ask

¨  Floor Restoration and All The Questions You Need To Ask

¨  HVAC Inspection & Repair by the Season and All The Questions You Need To Ask


BPRC Sample Ebook List:Community Safety, Autombile

Community Safety 

¨  Winter Driving Safety Tips

¨  Summer Car Care

¨  Tick Alert

¨  Bear Safety

¨  Self Defense For Women

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Go Green, Environment

¨  Natural Cleaning Tips & How To’s

¨  Green Garden Tips

¨  Living Green 27 pages

¨  60 Uses of Baking Soda

¨  60 Uses of Salt

¨  60 Uses of Vinegar

¨  80 Uses of Old Newspaper

¨  Tips From The Old Days


BPRC Sample Ebook List: Family, Kids & Pets

¨  Back To School Volume 1    32 pages

¨  Back To School Volume 2    17 pages

¨  Free Fun Activities For Families On A Budget

¨  32 Fun Things To Do with Kids 

¨  Off We Go Camping

¨  Perfect Games For Travel

¨  Tips For Teens

¨  Spelling Tips & Games

¨  Internet Safety


¨  100 Dog Training Tips EVERY Dog Owner Should Know!

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Holidays, Weddings


¨  Mother’s Day Fun: A Guide On How To Make The Most Out OF Mother’s Day

¨  Holiday Survival Guide: Tips for Managing Your Stress

¨  Christmas

¨  Halloween

¨  Easter

¨  Holiday Recipes


¨  Fun Games

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Save Money, Budget

¨  A Guide To Couponing for Beginners

¨  80 Ways To Save Money

¨  10 Tops Ways To Save Money on Groceries

¨  100 Top Ways To Save Money

¨  Tips From The Old Days

¨  Family Budget How-To’s

¨  15 Top Ways To Save Money:

        How to save on insurance,
        How to save on auto loans,
        How to save on mortgage loans
        How to save on credit cards
        How to save on gasoline, How to save on car repairs
        How to save on home improvement,
        How to save on home heating and energy
        How to save on phone service,
        How to save on prescription drugs
        How to save on major appliances, How to save on furniture
        How to save on clothing, How to save on groceries
        How to save on vacations

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Recipes 


¨  7 Day Low Carb Plan with Recipes

¨  More Low Carb Tips & Recipes

¨  Living & Loving Low Carb – How To

¨  Living & Loving Low Carb 10 Recipes

¨  25 Exciting Recipes You Might Not Have Tried

¨  Herbs For Health And Happiness

¨  Honey: It’s a Matter of Health and Taste

¨  Holiday Leftover Magic – 30 Delicious Ways To Use Up Leftovers

¨  Holiday Recipes

¨  Grill Recipes: Meats on the Grill

¨  Eating To Lose Weight Recipes

¨  Gourmet Salads: Tips & Ideas

¨  Cool Off Foods: Tips & Ideas

¨  Lakeside Lunches: Tips & Ideas

¨  Theme Picnics: Tips & Ideas

¨   Healthy Cooking 101

¨  Super Foods: What are Superfoods?

¨  Super Foods: 30 Recipes You Need To Know

¨  Smoothies are Just Good For You

¨  Juicing For Health & Weight Loss – How To Get Started

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Sports

All About Golf

GOLF: The Basics

Golf Swing Tips

Golf: CD 1

Bass Fishing 101: How To Catch The Next Big One 63 p

Fishing Tips & Techniques

Tai Chi:

The Basics Basketball: Getting To Know Basketball

100 Running Tips

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Survival Tips

¨  What’s a Bug Out Bag & Why Does Everyone Need One?

¨  Survival Tips

¨  Disaster Tips

¨  Hiking Survival Tips

¨  Surviving The Wild Outdoors: Equipment, Skills, Bugs & Plants

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Quotes

- Positive Motivational Quotes - Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4

¨  Positive Affirmations

BPRC Sample Ebook List: Travel Tips

¨  Vacation At Home:  Wine Tips

¨  Travel Essential Tips Volume 1 Volume 2

¨  Travel: Exciting Places To See

¨  Travel: Vacationing with the Kids Without Losing Your Mind

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