Beijing Fitness Bootcamp

The Beijing Fitness Bootcamp with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Steve Warn is part of The WHS (World Health Store)12 Week Challenge.

The Bootcamp begins Saturday July 23, 2011.

Beijing Fitness Bootcamp

When: Beijing Fitness Bootcamp starts this Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where: at Chaoyang Park. We will meet at West Gate #3 on the side of the street at 5pm (right by the canal bridge) and go in the gate at 5:15pm on our warmup run to the venue inside the park.

What To Bring:

1. 5rmb or park pass for entrance fee

PLEASE NOTE: if you bring a passport size photo on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd of the month you can pay 8.5rmb for unlimited entry to Chaoyang Park for the whole month. Renew by bringing your park pass in and paying 8rmb on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of any following month.

2. comfortable, loose clothing that you don't mind getting dirty in

3. GOOD running shoes

4. hand towel

5. large water bottle (500ml - 1L)

6. gloves - optional (in case you don't want to get dirty hands from having your hands on the ground)

7. exercise mat - optional

Cost: for people NOT entering the WHS 12 Week Challenge is 400rmb for 5 sessions or 100 for drop-in. Everyone must sign in at the beginning of class and pay before we start.

Instructions: This is a self-paced class. Your job is to be honest with yourself, try hard, and listen to your body. If you are sore, short of breath, or exhausted, simply slow down and make sure to communicate with me.

It is especially important that you tell me of any health conditions you have or past injuries so that I can be aware of them and train you in a suitable manner.

I'll be watching all of you as much as possible and we will stop every once in a while to allow those people left behind to catch up during the warm-up run.

Once we get to the venue I'll explain the rest. We'll finish up with a cool down stretch. All of this should leave us finishing up at about 6:30pm.

If the weather is absolutely horrible or I have less than 6 people booked for the class I will email everyone on Saturday morning to let you know the class is cancelled.

Deadline for sign-up is Friday night at midnight. I will generally keep the class going if the rain isn't too bad - a little rain never hurt anybody and helps you cool down ...and real boot camp is done rain or shine!

Questions: about bootcamp, group circuit classes, spin classes, or private training, please call me at 13521685685.

Beijing Fitness Bootcamp

Strength & Conditioning Coach,

Steve Warn

The World Health Store's 12 Week Challenge Kick-Off Party at the Beijing Hilton

Steve is speaking in the 2nd video.

If you haven't signed up, sign up now! The first bootcamp was a lot of fun for everyone. See Updates below!

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Beijing Bootcamp

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