Improve Your Lawn 

Tips for a Better Lawn Area

Have you ever looked out your window and wondered how you could improve your lawn area?  Even small changes can make the difference between a ho-hum lawn and a beautiful, inviting landscape that showcases your home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn with a good topsoil base, much of the hard work of keeping a lawn beautiful is already done for you. But what else can a person do to create a special area?

You may also want to cut back on the lawn area to save on water usage or just decide you need to add a focal point.

Here are some tips and ideas for a few simple, cost effective changes that might work for you:

1. The best time to mow a lawn is when it is cool and dry. Wait for the morning dew to dry off, and before the afternoon heat takes hold.  Not only is it safer for you but it’s better to cut grass when the mower blades are dry.  Alternatively, late afternoon or early evening following a watering in the morning is also a good time.  By the way, while you’re out there - most grass should be cut at about a 2 inch length, with that increasing to 2 ½ inches or even up to 3 inches as the weather gets hotter.

2. Consider whether a hedge would be a better boundary divider than a fence. It may provide just as good privacy and will keep pets and children in – or out. It will attract birds to its shelter, and provide a great backdrop for plants and flowers. On the other hand, it will take years and lots of water before it reaches a good height. There is also always the option of a fence for now and a growing hedge beside it to be in place when the fence needs to be removed.

3. Bring the beauty of your garden right to your door.  Plant hyacinths and other Spring flowers near walkways and doors. Their magnificent perfume will fill the spring air and make your garden really come alive. This is one easy and very popular way to improve your lawn area and add some real style to your home and yard.

Improve your lawn area with good garden design. Taking a little while to map out your garden design or plan - even if it doesn't all get done this year - will save you money in the end.

Best Pennywise Tip:Take the time to map out your landscaping plan with simple drawings.

4. Beautify your lawn by adding non-garden items to your lawn and garden area, such a stylish lamppost, lights, benches, or an antique mail box with flowers spilling out of it. Surround these items with flowers planted to take advantage of the earliest to the latest flowerings. For instance, you could have white snowdrops, purple and gold crocus, blue hyacinths, and various colored tulips to usher in Spring followed by Summer flowering perennials and shrubs.  What would the space look like with some rocks, large and small?

5. Simple, but effective weed control can be achieved on your lawn by mowing often during spring. This will prevent dandelions spreading by eliminating the yellow blossoms and preventing seed formation. Mow high during late spring and early summer. This will allow grass blades to shade the ground, and will help prevent crabgrass from sprouting.

Your lawn and garden should be a source of pride and beauty. You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive fertilizers and herbicides, or fancy lawn furniture and ornaments. A little common sense and thought can go a long way to making your lawn and garden a much better place.

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