Serving Size Guide

Serving Size Guide

Here's a Serving Size Guide in case you've ever wondered what a correct portion size looks like?

What does a “serving size” actually look like? Here’s a ‘handy’ (pun intended) Guide that you can always have with you!

Now you have portion control right at your finger tips!

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A Handy Guide - you always have with you!

A thumb = 25g (eg. of cheese)

2 thumbs = a serving size of most cheeses

Thumb Tip = 1 Teaspoon

3 Thumb Tips = 1 Tablespoon

A Palm of your hand = a serving of meat. (Also about the size of an ordinary deck of cards)

A Fist = 1 cup A fistful of greens would be 1 serving size.

Grain Products

1 slice of whole wheat bread

30g cold cereal

175 ml or ¾ cup hot cereal

1 bagel, pita, bran muffin or bun

250ml or 1 cup pasta or rice

Fruit & Vegetables

1 serving =

1 medium size fruit or vegetable eg. carrot, apple, potato, piece of melon or banana

1 small box or 60 ml or 42 g raisins

125ml or ½ cup fresh, frozen or canned fruit or vegetables

250 ml or 1 cup salad

125 ml or ½ cup fruit or vegetable juice

Milk & Milk Products

1 serving =

250 ml or 1 cup milk

2 slices or 50 g processed cheese slices

50g or a 3”x1”x1” cube of hard cheese

175 g or ¾ cup yoghurt

1/2 serving =

125 ml or ½ cup ice milk or frozen fruit yoghurt

125 ml or ½ cup pudding

175 ml or ¾ cup ice cream

250 ml or 1 cup cottage cheese

Meat & Meat Alternatives

1 serving =

50-100 g meat, fish or poultry

50-100 g or 1/3 to 2/3 can of canned fish

125-250 ml of beans

100g or 1/3 cup of Tofu

30 ml or 2 Tbsp of peanut butter

1-2 eggs

Now that you have this handy Guide, portion control will be a breeze!

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