Add Gratitude Daily     

Simple Ways To Add Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

Add gratitude daily to your life and you will love the benefits! But how many ways can you add gratitude daily to your busy schedule?  And is it worth it?

Have you ever read articles about how people like Oprah or Tony Robbins start their day? They claim the practice of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to change your life, and they are living proof.

Successful people often claim that they add gratitude daily by keeping a gratitude journal - it's an excellent way to start noticing and counting your blessings. It’s simple, yet powerful.

But there’s no need to stop there!

There are many ways to add the practice of gratitude into your life so that you stay focused on appreciating all the amazing things you have in your life.  

Here are a few simple ways to add more feelings of gratitude in your life, starting now.

Add Gratitude Daily with These Simple Tips:

1. Make time To Go outside

Go outside and relish Mother Nature - most of us don’t get out into nature as much as we should or could. And that’s a shame because we miss out on so many wonders!

Take time to go outside more.

Go to the park and listen to the kids squeal with delight.

Watch a hummingbird at your neighbor’s feeder. Or host a bird or butterfly feeder in your own yard.

Enjoy the beauty of the natural world and you'll find your heart will swell with thanks as you add gratitude daily in this way.

2. Do A Kind Deed

Grocery stores are great places to show your gratitude for life by helping someone else. It's easy to reach an item from the higher shelf for some who can't, it's fun to smile and joke, and brings a smile to your own face.

One young woman, newly married, asked an older woman for advice on how to cook some meat. Another person discussed which bread was the best, at which was the best price, with an elderly lady who was on her own. That small conversation was enough to light up the older woman's eyes - and when they passed again later on in the store, they both said, hi like old friends.

Let someone ahead of you in line - remember how it feels when you have one or two items and the checkouts are all busy? If you're the one withe the cart load, you could really make some's day by letting them go ahead of you in line.

Some kind deeds take a bit more time and effort. You might offer to keep an eye on your neighbors home while they're away. Or share some plants or fruit from your garden.

You can still keep your bigger kind deeds manageable with planning, like the family that put together care packs with toiletries and snacks for homeless people. It was a fun family project that drew them closer together; then later on a Saturday morning all it took was an hour to deliver them all.

Uncertain about approaching someone on the street? Your local shelters would appreciate the help, too.

3. Focus on The Good; Avoid The Negative

Another powerful way to add gratitude daily is by not doing something.

Avoid negative media—it’s tough to stay focused on all the goodness around you when you allow all the negative news in the world to play in front of you every day. 

Find positive TV, movies and other media to watch instead so you never get overwhelmed with dismal news. One counselor advised her stressed and depressed client to  "Say a prayer for those involved" when she saw disasters on the nightly news as a way of defusing the negative energy.

You can't avoid everything sad or shocking but seek a balance. Missing the daily news won't hurt for a while if you need to boost your happiness hormones so you can go out and spread those good vibes.

4. Cherish Your Friends

Cherish your friends—when was the last time you told your BFF how much you appreciate them being in your life? Not because of anything they’ve done, but just for loving and supporting you throughout your life’s journey.

We are often told that "I love you" is one of the best things to say to another person but try saying, "I appreciate you" to those around you just because.

Remember, it's not "I appreciate what you've just done", it's "I appreciate YOU".

We all like to be told that we are valued and make a difference for good in someone elses life.

5. Compliment A Stranger

Compliment a stranger—how many times have you admired someone’s haircut or blouse, but not complimented them on it?

Parents and their children also love to be complimented on each other! Telling a child who is shopping with their mom or dad in a grocery store, usually gets a beaming smile in return from both the child and the parent.

One woman simply said in passing, "I love how you tie your scarf" painting a big smile on the recipient that lasted a day. And that was probably passed on to many others, too.

Start today!

6. Listen Intently

Listen deeply—so often when we listen to someone speaking, we are mentally rehearsing what we want to say next and we miss what they are really sharing.

Or maybe we just miss that they need to share. To be heard. Or valued.

Notice how often you do that.

Then begin a new practice of listening intently to the person, even if they are telling you about something that doesn’t interest you.

You may be surprised at the rewards you gain.

And the deep inner satisfaction you feel.

7. Practice Not Complaining

Practice not complaining—when you start to notice how often you complain, you’ll be amazed!

One day a week, practice not complaining, but rather reframe everything to put a positive, grateful spin on it.

And mean it!

Go ahead. Add Gratitude Daily and You Will

Rewrite The Story Of Your Life

Small simple ways to be grateful make us feel happier but sometimes we need a boost.     

It sounds so easy - and it can be - but sometimes we look at ideas like these and no matter wise they seem, or how obvious ('why didn't I think of that?') and we can truly agree that instilling just one of those tips in our daily life, we're still sitting there thinking, yeah, right, if you only knew my problems.

The truth is all too often those negative thoughts are too strong for us to argue with sometimes. That's part of the secret of the ideas above - if we can actually make ourselves "do" something positive, those negative thoughts and feelings, start to disappear.

That's what personal strength is. Pushing aside how we're feeling when we hear negative thoughts and just doing it anyway. It's not being perfect every day, it's making little bits of effort to improve ourselves and our lives.

You'll soon be there...walking your path on the road to happiness. But if you need some extra help right now (think of it as doing a some laps around the park or 10 push-ups to boost your fitness) then here are a selection of programs that will help you to work on these 5 skills.

Click on the banner below.

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