Adult Christmas Games

Wondering about having some adult Christmas games? Yes, we usually think of keeping the excited children busy but - not all Christmas games have to be for children, or have to be serious. Good gracious, adults like to let their hair down and have a good, silly time too.

Here are several adult Christmas games to get you started. You might find yourselves playing these every year and starting a new tradition.

Keep the camera handy and try something new! Have fun!

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Reindeer Antlers

If this is a group that's not afraid of looking silly, here's the perfect Christmas game:

Provide a pair of pantyhose for each team (or person) and a total of 8 balloons.

When the game begins, each team blows up the balloons and the inflated balloons have to be put into the legs of the pantyhose.

To make this game fair, the teams should be of equal number and the pantyhose a large size.

The game ends when someone gets all their balloons into the legs of the pantyhose, "wears" the antlers and sings the first verse of "Jingle Bells".

Be sure to make everyone finish the game, however, so you can get a great picture of everyone in his or her pantyhose antlers.

Santa`s Bag

This next adult Christmas game is great for a smaller group of people who are open to a more quiet game. This is about packing Santa's bag.

You start by saying, "I packed Santa's bag and in it I put pajamas."

The next person continues with, "I packed Santa's bag and in it I put pajamas and toilet paper."

Each person continues, each time adding a new item, but also listing the items that were added before.

You are out of the game when you miss an item. Someone could be sitting outside the game keeping a list of all the items so if the game goes on for a bit, you will know if someone misses an item.

Santa`s Beard Relay

For a fun relay-type game, how about making a Santa beard? Make a big bowl of cotton balls and get a container of Vaseline. Put some Vaseline on the chins of each member of each team (ideally, 2 teams of about 5 people each).

The first players in line run to the bowl of cotton balls and sticks their chin in trying to get as many to stick to the Vaseline as possible. They run to the back of their line, so the next player can have a turn.

When everyone on a team has a beard, that team wins. As with the other game, be sure to take lots of pictures of everyone wearing their Santa beards.

Also have plenty of towels and water to get the Vaseline off!

This is a fun adult Christmas game.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

If you're having a Christmas party for adults, why not offer up a fun game that's sure to remind them of a childhood favorite?

Create a Christmas scavenger hunt. You can make this adult Christmas game as Christmas-y as you want by what you decide people have to find.

You will tell people to create teams (about 4 people per team is adequate, but you might want to have larger or smaller teams depending on the size of your party).

Ahead of time, make a list of items they need to return with.

If you choose to keep the searching local, either at your home or in the neighborhood, include items like a miniature light string, a piece of holly, a leaf from a poinsettia plant, a pine cone, a red ornament, a piece of cellophane tape, a gift tag, a Christmas cookie or treat and similar things.

If you choose to have guests traipse all over town for items, you can have even more fun. You might require them to purchase a holly-decorated box of tissue, or have them provide photo proof (on their cell phone)that they went down your city's Christmas Tree Lane.

Whatever it is, be creative and enjoy the process. People love this game, not only because it reminds them of childhood, but it helps people get to know other party guests they might know that well and it's a game that gets people working together, which can always be fun.

Christmas Kisses Relay

Everyone enjoys Hershey's kisses at Christmas.

Divide your group into two teams and have two bowls of Hershey's kisses at the other end of the room.

Give each team one set of over-sized mittens or gloves.

The first person in line runs to the bowl of kisses, and has to unwrap the kiss while wearing the over-sized mittens/gloves and pop the kiss into their mouth.

They run back, tag the next person in line, and exchange the mittens/gloves and the next person runs forward to get a chocolate kiss.

The winning team is the one in which all members have enjoyed a kiss first. Woo Hoo!

Merry Christmas!

We Hope You Enjoy These Adult Christmas Games

Reindeer Antlers --- Santa`s Bag --- Santa`s Beard Relay

Christmas Scavenger Hunt --- Christmas Kisses Relay

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