Apple Kidney Bean Salad

Nutritious, Colorful, Low Cost

A delicious and nutritious combination in Apple Kidney Bean Salad makes this an easy lunch dish or side salad for dinner. This would go well with Garlic Bean Sprout Beef Burgers or cold roast beef at a picnic.

Either way, the crunch of the fresh delicious apples and celery will soon be a favorite. Serve on a bed of lettuce or finely sliced green cabbage to help offset the bite of the hot sauce.

Red kidney beans are a Superfood,  some say even better than black beans.

They are good for you in so many ways that you’ll want to find plenty of times to serve this low cost and easy to prepare salad.

Use Delicious Apples - or vary them into other varieties. Fresh apples need to be dipped in lemon juice after chopping to preserve the fresh whiteness of their flesh. This keeps them so fresh looking that they actually will whet appetites. You might want to double the recipe!

Some like it hot, some don't! Add as much or as little hot sauce as you want. Not sure how much to add, serve it or a Salsa sauce right at the table where everyone can choose their own.

Apple Kidney Bean Salad


1 can (16oz) kidney beans, rinsed and drained
2 red delicious apples, cored and chopped
¼ cup green onions, finely chopped
¼ cup celery stalks, finely chopped
¼ cup mild green chillies, finely chopped
1 ½ tbsp white wine vinegar
1 ½ tbsp vegetable oil
½ tsp salt
Dash of hot sauce (if you like it hot!)


1.    In a big bowl, mix together the chopped apples, green onion, celery, chillies and beans.

2.    In a separate small bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients to make a dressing and pour over the bean and apple mixture.

3.    Cover and chill for about an hour before serving as a light lunch or as a side dish to BBQ chicken.

(Serves 4)

Best Pennywise Tip:  Plan ahead and start with dried red kidney beans for a big price saving. One good idea is to buy 2 or 3 packages of the dried kidney beans (do this with other dried beans, too); cook them, then freeze in suitable containers so they are ready ahead of time. Freeze them in amounts you are likely to use – I find 2 or 4 cup portions work best.

Green Tip: Not only do you save lots of money when you start from dried beans but there are no empty tin cans to recycle.  If you buy them in a bulk food store, you need to put them in a plastic bag but you can re-use it the next time you go bulk food buying.

Red kidney beans are nutritious, low cost and full of protein and fiber. Some sources are now saying that red kidney beans are even better for you than black beans.

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