Apple Squash Cream Soup 

Meatless or Not, Perfectly Pennywise

I think you’ll like this Apple Squash Cream Soup recipe. It will fill a lot of needs and though it’s perfect as a Harvest/Autumn time of year meal when squash and apples are in abundance, this meatless meal works just as well at any time of the year.

Naturally, you can use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth or add chunks of meat if you want. Or serve it along a Meat entree.

Serving it without meat, using a vegetable broth, helps to accustomize palates to the finer taste experience of a non-meat dish, helping former meat-lovers to learn to savor a new taste experience. 

So whether you’re an avid vegetarian or a person who wants to improve your family’s health (or even your own), or if you’re just looking for ways to save money and leave less of a carbon footprint on the planet, trying different meatless recipes is a great way to make it happen.

Apple Squash Cream Soup 


3 (14 ounce) cans vegetable or chicken broth
3 cups water
1 butternut squash, cut in half, seeded, not peeled
3 green apples, peeled, cored and diced
1 onion, diced
1/4 teaspoon rosemary
1/4 teaspoon marjoram
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup heavy cream


1. Pour the water and the broth into a large soup pot. 

2. Wash the squash well and place into the broth with the apples and onion.  

3. Sprinkle in the rosemary, marjoram, salt and pepper.  Stir to combine the ingredients together. 

4. Place the pot on medium high heat.  Bring the mixture to a complete boil. 

5. Turn the heat to medium or lower.  Cook at a simmer for 50 minutes.  Add more liquid if necessary.

6. With a slotted spoon remove the squash from the soup.  Take the pulp out of the peel.  See Best Pennywise Tip below.

7. Place the pulp back into the soup.  Puree the soup in small batches in the blender until it reaches a smooth consistency.

8. Place the soup back into the soup pot.  Place the pot back over medium high heat and return it to a rolling boil. 

Once boiling well remove from the heat, allow to cool slightly before stirring in the heavy cream. 

Serve warm after garnishing with fresh parsley.

Options: Eliminate the heavy cream if you are watching fat content or to keep the cost down; spoon in a dollop of plain yoghurt or sour cream in its place.

Add some finely minced garlic if you love garlic, or simmer a slightly crushed garlic clove in the broth and remove before serving. Sprinkle a light dusting of cinnamon or curry powder just before serving.

Add leftover brown rice , quinoa or other favorite grain.

Serve with whole grain bread or rolls. Some cheese of your choice on the side would be nice, too.

Best Pennywise Tip:  Pre-cook or almost pre-cook the squash by oven baking, steaming or in the microwave.  Let it cool slightly so you can handle it without burning your fingers, scoop out or cube the pulp and add to the seasoned broth.

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