Basic Bodybuilding Exercises

The most common exercises we look to use on a fitness regime are just basic bodybuilding exercises. These are the building blocks of many strength and fitness training programs and work well for the person who just wants to get more fit or lose weight and also for sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

You may be anxious to get started building some muscle but just aren’t sure which exercises to do. People who are “into” fitness are often throwing around terms casually and it’s easy to get lost trying to know what they are talking about. Not only that, it can be confusing to know which muscle groups are targeted. Just why am I doing a bench press?

Basic Bodybuilding Exercises

Here’s a quick list of the basic bodybuilding exercises that are used in most bodybuilding programs :

Here’s a quick list of the basic bodybuilding exercises that are used in most bodybuilding programs :

1. The bench press is one of the more familiar exercises. It is used to build chest muscles with additional muscle building for the arms, in particular the triceps at the back of the arms, and the shoulders.

2. The squat, another familiar exercise, develops the whole of the leg and also strengthens the back, provided the exercise is performed correctly. Here’s where having a trainer can be invaluable.

3. The dead lift, which is a strength building exercise for the back that also helps build strength and size in the upper body and the legs.

4. The military press, which targets the shoulders and also works the arms.

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5. The lateral pull-down, cable rowing or dumbbell rows will all build the upper back.

These exercises will all help to build a strong healthy symmetrically muscular body if performed regularly in the correct manner and supplemented with good nutrition. Even if you’re not trying to turn into Mr. America, but just want to lose weight and get fit muscle building helps to burn fat. As your muscles develop they will create a lean body and you’ll reap the rewards of enhanced health and fitness.

Here’s another basic exercise that’s also designed to target a specific area of the body.

6. The arm curl is perhaps the most popular of all the basic bodybuilding exercises.

The arm curl builds the bicep muscle. People who do this regularly will usually see results quite fast.

It’s easy to do but offers a real boost to motivation since results can be fast. Arms are very visual muscles and when a beginner sees results (and their friends see it, too) they’re very encouraged to keep going at their training efforts.

Best Pennywise Tip : Remember, you can’t do these basic bodybuilding exercises – or any fitness program – without also paying attention to nutrition and maybe supplements. To gain the size of the muscles that the bodybuilders achieve is as much about food nutrition and supplements as the exercises they perform on a daily basis.

Don’t worry about building up too much muscle mass, you can control the size you want to be.

More in depth information on basic bodybuilding exercises, including some good exercise routines and meal plans can be found in The Basics of Bodybuilding – How to Build Muscle and Get The Body of your Dreams.

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