Boost Your Confidence

5 Simple Skills You Can Learn Now

Let's talk now about how to boost your confidence. At the beginning of your desire to become a successful entrepreneur, you may be filled with energy, drive, and endless confidence.

Entrepreneurs that find success are self-confident individuals that are admired and who inspire confidence in others. People who are looked up to and who are good leaders.

Now why is that?  Is it just that they are made that way?

They face their fears and tend to be risk takers. They know that they can get past the challenges and setbacks they face in business. They may not have started out in life or in their business endeavors with supreme confidence but they know (have learned) some tricks to help themselves become and remain confident.

You, too, can be the same when you learn how to boost your confidence.

Boost Your Confidence

5 Simple Skills You Can Learn Now

Here are five simple ways you can boost your confidence and become someone that others admire on your path to success.

Boost Your Confidence

1. Get Rid of the Negative

This way to boost your confidence is so simple but may not be so easy to do. Old habits die hard and this is one that many of us cling to as an old familiar friend.

Negative thoughts are NOT your friend. Oops, did I just yell that?

You have to take the time to evaluate the people who you hang around with. If you have friends and family who are always shredding your confidence and putting you down, you need to consider getting away from them. At least, until you learn to rise above all the negativity or put a shield around yourself. But until you can do this so you come out unscathed, minimize contact with people who make it harder for you .

Even a temporary break from the negative influences in your life can make a huge difference.

A man who wanted to quit smoking told his therapist that the only time he smoked was once a month when he met up with a group of old school buddies. He said they all smoked and insisted on offering him cigarettes even when he continually said no, thanks. Inevitably he would accept just to stop the pressure - but it really bothered him that they put this pressure on him and that he would give in. He explained to his Stop Smoking therapist that he knew that before he started the program he needed to avoid his friends until he could stand on his own.

He was right! Why add that extra pressure to your life when you are working hard to improve yourself and your life? For one thing, once he had made up his mind to do that self improvement, he wanted to move ahead with it. He chose Success! And then he cleared his pathway to his goals of whatever hindrances he could. The next time he met with these lifelong friends, he was clear and sure when he said, No, Thank you.

You also need to avoid focusing on the problems in your life or the world around you. Place your focus - and your heart and mind - on how you are going to make positive changes.

In effect, it's the same scenario as the man who wanted to stop smoking. When you focus on all the negative aspects of life, you are putting stumbling blocks and barriers in your path to success.

Chose to spend your valuable time thinking of a brighter happier future. The one that you choose.

Let me throw in a side note here: Sometimes when we are focusing on the negatives too much, it's because we aren't clear and passionate about our goals. Work on those until you are passionate about them and you will boost your confidence.

2. Change Your Body Language

To start to increase your confidence you want to focus on your body language. Your body language is where posture, eye contact, smiling and speaking slowly come into play.

It might seem too easy a trick to boost your confidence. Turn it into an "act as if.."  Act as if you are bursting with self confidence in any potential situation you might encounter. When you really do "act as if.." you'll find yourself standing taller, shoulders back, and (I bet) you'll have a smile on your face.

By just putting your shoulders back and standing up straight you give the impression that you are a confident person.

Help make others feel more comfortable around you by smiling. Smiling will also help to improve your mood.

Always look the person you are speaking to in the eyes and speak slowly and clearly.

This is one reason that many people go to the gym. Anything you do to improve your fitness will improve your posture and stance and automatically make you look (and you will feel) more confident and sure of yourself.

Because you will be!

3. Don’t Accept Failure

Never give up, even when things get tough don't roll over and play dead hoping it will all go away. Yes, by all means, take a healthy break of some sort if you need to re-group.

Understand that there is a solution to every problem, you just have to spend the time to find it. Wise people know this in advance. They incorporate into their goal planning self help exercises and self care routines to help them move through upsets and set backs. They take a breather -and then jump right back in with a healthy attitude that allows them to see the issue clearly, problem solve, and make necessary changes if needed.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that these are really just little glitches  that will crop up, no matter how devastating they seem at the time, and once they take the broader view they can still see their goal at the end. When you are able to succeed through great adversity, you will feel an immediate boost in your confidence.

(Accepting this part of life will also make your a great leader when you are able to be the Rock that helps others to navigate turbulent waters.)

4. Eliminate the Negative Self-Talk

Your low self-confidence is generally a result of the negative thoughts running through your mind. If you are always telling yourself that you aren't good enough, you will be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There are 2 steps to overcoming this problem:

a.Take a few days or a week and write down every negative thought that comes to your mind. For some people, the list will be long. You may recognize where they come from. Sometimes it's right back to your childhood or early school years when you were berated in very unfriendly tones and words. Find a way to put a stop to those words. One counselor suggested to a client with a long list: Put a name to those words. Go into your closet or down in the basement where no one can hear you and shout out to that "person", No! Stop! Be quiet! Not true! or whatever you want until you feel they are silenced. However you do it, make the list, look at the words, and somehow throw them in the garbage bin where they belong.

Now a void isn't good so move on to the next step right away.

b. Start reciting positive affirmations on a daily basis to transform the negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Make out lists of the affirmations that will help you the most. Put the lists or one phrase you use for that day or week where you can see it. Use your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator in the kitchen, email yourself reminders, use a sticky on your computer, paint it on a rock you use as a paper weight, or bead it into a bracelet. Don't want to use words? Choose a color for each of your favorite affirmations and every time you see that color, chant the word or phrase in your mind.

5. Always Be Prepared

When it comes to boosting your confidence, the best thing you can do is learn everything there is to know about your industry and business and the skills necessary to make it all work. The truth, is if you want success, you need to do your part, too.

Many people have trouble with public speaking, too, but the successful ones practice, practice, practice until they know their material. Even if something happens in the middle of their speech or talk, they can easily make changes or hide their nervousness without noticeable effort.

When you are prepared and have the knowledge to back it up, your confidence will soar.

Life is full of challenges and setbacks, but if you practice these five steps, you will have the confidence to succeed.

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Confidence

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