Chiropractic Care and Golf

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Adjustments & Golf – Necessary Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic Care and Golf

Chiropractic care and golf go hand in hand. It may be the secret weapon to a great weekend of golfing. In fact, many pro golfers swear by chiropractic care.  So even if you are just a weekend golfer (or an everyday golfer like many in the Okanagan Valley), chiropractic care is something you need to consider. Some pro golfers, like Lori West, have said that the only reason that she is playing today is because of chiropractic.  Close to twenty years ago, she went to a chiropractor for shoulder and neck pain.  Lori West says that chiropractic care has improved her golf game immeasurably. 

Due to the awkwardness of the body movement on your back, many golfers have lower back pain and problems.  The golf swing is not very conducive to keeping your back healthy.  To make the ball go further, with a correct swing, you create spinal tension because this helps the ball go a greater distance.  This spinal tension comes from stopping your hips while your shoulders are still moving.  Basically you are  making a coil and then uncoiling when you begin your downswing. 

Here are some tips, from Dr. Travis at Health in Hand Family Chiropractic in West Kelowna, B.C., to help ease or prevent shoulder or neck pain and injury:

Stretching -

  • Do some easy and basic stretching before you play golf.  Stretch out the groin muscles and hamstrings.  
  • Lean left and right with a club across your shoulders.   
  • Get into the swing position and bend right and left.  
  • To stretch your shoulder muscles, grab a club behind your back and raise it up. 
  • Take 10 practice swings backwards.  If you are right handed then swing left handed and vice versa.  This stretches different muscles and will help you warm and loosen up. 
  • If your neck feels tight, then do some neck stretches.  If your neck is stiff, it can hinder the rest of the body from moving smoothly. 

Orthotics -

Adjustments -

  • If your arm bone is sore and tender you may have golfer’s elbow.  A chiropractor can adjust this painful condition of an over-rotated bone.  
  • Flexibility training of any kind can help your game.  As you age, your swing can shorten because the muscles become less supple.  This is why flexibility is of utmost importance for older golfers.  
  • Good balance is necessary if you want to hit consistent golf shots.  Keeping your spine healthy is a very important facet of good balance and posture.  If you work on improving your balance, you will increase your consistency. 
  • During colder months, you need to be sure you stretch the arm, shoulders, and back muscles.
  • Make Chiropractic adjustments a priority. Come in for regular chiropractic check outs and adjustments to maintain proper health.

 Pro golfers or weekend golfers, use these tips and your local Chiropractor to maintain good back and body health and prevent injuries.

Remember, chiropractors care for more than your back; they take care of the entire structure of your body.  If your muscles are feeling out of whack, then chiropractic can be the adjustment that your game and your body is searching for! 

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