Christmas Crafts With Kids

Placemats, Santa Ornament, Christmas Countdown Chain, Candy Cane Reindeer, Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Doing these 5 Christmas crafts with kids will be so much fun , you’ll know you are creating Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.

Kids love everything about Christmas except waiting for the day to get here. With them taking a break from school, you’ll often hear cries of, “I don’t have anything to do.” You can keep them busy this holiday season with Christmas crafts that are easy and fun for the little ones to make.

Now with these 5 Christmas crafts with kids - placemats from recycled cards, Santa Ornaments, Candy Cane Reindeer, Countdown Paper Chains and cookie cutter ornaments - you'll have lots to keep them busy. Make lots of one or make them all. They're simple and inexpensive.

Pennywise and pretty!

Christmas Crafts with Kids

1. Christmas Placemat Craft: Using recycled Christmas cards, tear off the backs where the writing is. You’ll need about three regular sized Christmas cards to make each placemat.

Have the kids glue the cards decoration side up down on colored construction paper. When the glue dries, cover the placemat front and back with clear contact paper, making sure there are no open ends or gaps. Kids love setting their plates on their own special Christmas place mat.

2. Santa Ornament: This makes a great little gift for kids to make and give their friends or teachers too. Pick up large plastic ornaments at the craft or dollar store or Walmart. These are the ornaments that pop open in the middle so you put items inside.

1.    Open the ornament and fill it with peppermints.
2.    Secure it closed again.
3.    Using a medium sized wooden ball, glue on jiggly eyes.
4.    Once the eyes are set, glue the wooden ball onto the top the plastic ornament.
5.    Next, add cotton hair for the head, mustache and beard.
6.    Glue a red felt ‘hat’ on top of the hair.
7.    At the middle of the ornament, glue a long piece of black felt for Santa’s belt.
8.    Glue the front bottom of the ornament to a thin wooden heart that’s been painted black. The curves in the heart will be Santa’s feet so place them at the front of your Santa.

To make it easier, you don't even have to put a head on - leave it plain, tie a ribbon at the top or, our favorite, glue small white pompoms around the top to make it look like a fur collar.

Adding a pull-tab from a pop can to Santa's belt to make a buckle makes it really quick.

We loved these versions, Santa, Reindeer and just plain green; so simple yet so pretty and effective.

To keep your ornaments from getting too heavy, use larger candies that are wrapped.  The sparkly cello wrappers look pretty and take up less weight.

3. Christmas Countdown Chain: For this popular craft, you’ll need red and green construction paper cut into thin, even strips. The kids can decorate the paper strips with Christmas writing, stickers and glitter glue.

Form the strips into connecting circles and glue each one closed. Once the glue is dry, hang the circle within easy reach of the child. Each day that passes until Christmas, the kids get to tear off one of the links of the chain.

You could make this like an advent calendar and mark each loop of the chain with a number. Each day there could be a different treat, story, message or scripture to mark the day.

Or since children love to be active, perhaps, some of the days they could be asked to tell part of the Christmas story or sing a carol.

Look here for The Christmas Story in Scriptures.

4. Candy Cane Reindeer: This craft is an oldie but a favorite among children. All you need are candy canes, jiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, mini pom-poms and glue.

At the top of the candy cane, glue a pipe cleaner, twisting it into the shape of antlers.

Glue jiggly eyes on either side of the reindeer ‘head’ and add the nose to the end of the candy cane.

These are so simple but so much fun. It's hard not to make everyone laugh when those google-y reindeer eyes are wobbling back at you!

Use them to decorate a gift, at a place setting as a take-home treat or peeping out of a Christmas stocking.

5. Cookie Cutter Ornaments: To do this craft, you’ll need an assortment of cookie cutters in various holiday shapes. The ones that work the best are snowmen, Santa, trees and bell shapes.

1. Place each cookie cutter on colored construction paper. See note below.
2. Trace around it.
3. Cut it out.
4. Have the kids decorate each cut out with glitter and mini pom-poms for Christmas balls on the tree.

For the snowmen, use mini black pom-poms for his buttons.

You can use jiggly eyes on the snowmen and Santa.

Use stickers, glitter and glue, small buttons, cheap beads or 'rhinestones, ricjrack or bits of lace to decorate the ornaments.

Instead of construction paper, make them sturdier by using cardboard, poster board, foam  sheets or heavier computer paper that can be painted (or not). You can sandwich recycled cardboard between to pieces of construction paper.

The light weight papers will let the ornament float around in any breeze or can be used to hang on a string or ribbon for a garland that can be strung across a doorway or window. These ornaments also look nice hanging from stair banisters.

Once each ornament is finished, use a hole puncher to punch a hole at the top.

Thread thin ribbon (fishing line, dental floss, embroidery thread, yarn and curling ribbon work well, too) through the hole and let the kids hang their special ornament from the tree.

Doing some or all of these Christmas crafts with kids - yours, your Girl Scout troop, or the neighborhood children - we know you'll enjoy making memories in this small and simple way.

Merry Christmas to all!

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