You'll find lots of Christmas stories, games, articles, helpful hints and tips, gift ideas and recipes to make your season bright!

You'll find out why this date on your calendar is so popular as you learn about the history of the season and the meaning of it's symbols.

We have Holiday story books and coloring books for children that are Free - Coming Soon - that's the Best Pennywise Price ever - our gift to you.

Plus we'll offer a full selection of Holiday Candy, Cookie and other recipe books.

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Christmas Index

Holiday Games for Adults - silly and fun

Good Clean Fun for adults and older children! here are some fun and silly games to play that will have everyone enjoying themselves. Keep the camera handy.

Reindeer Antlers - Santa`s Bag - Santa`s Beard Relay Themed Scavenger Hunt - Christmas Kisses Relay

Basic Cookie Mix - and Recipes

Basic Cookie Mix - and some sweet, sweet variations!

Use the Basic Cookie Mix to make:

Sugar Cookies you can decorate,

Candy Cane Cookies,

Gingerbread People,

Lemon Linzer Cookies, and

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Brittle Fingers

Holiday Games

Here are 4 games we hope you and your family will find to be fun.

1. The Santa Hat Game

2. Xmas Memory: Remember the Gifts

3. Guess Me Stockings

4. Holiday Idol

More Tips - tips to help you enjoy the Holiday season more

Tips for Planning A Green Season

Weight Loss Tips - Tips to Erase Years from Your Face Is your necklace tangled? - A Turkey Tip Boost Your Spirit - Celebrate International Christmas - with 2 Mexican Cookie recipes - Merry Christmas in other Languages Please Drive Safe Tips - Decorations: The Easy Way Quick No Cost Sachets

10 Santa Snacks - Yummy!

Find these recipes in the Nav Bar to your left.

Here's the selection of 10 Santa Snacks:

1. Easy Sweet Bar Cookies

2. Quick & Easy Fudge.

3. Diabetic Fudge

4. Diabetic Chocolate Chip Cookies


6. Popcorn Snowmen

7. Miniature Cheesecake Cupcakes

8. Zucchini Cookies

9. Rice Krispies Peanut Butter Bars

10. Christmas Spiced Tea

Microwave Recipes

Find these recipes in the Nav Bar to your left.

Cabbage Relish - Herb Flavored Vinegars - Microwave Stuffed Potato Skins - Quick Nachos - Microwave Chocolate Syrup - Microwave Milk Shake - Microwave Hot Chocolate...inexpensive and quick...use them for company, for family, for company and gifts.

Microwave treats

Microwave treats - perfect for family or company, summer or winter. They are perfect for inexpensive and easy gift giving.

Butterscotch Crunchy Bars - Fruit Flavoured Rice Crispy Bars - Chocolate Covered Bananas - Fruit Jelly Squares, Quick Pizza Crackers - Mini S'More Snacks

Recipes for cookies for Santa, fudge, spiced tea and more. Easy favourite Santa snacks and cookies Santa (and your family) will love. Get the children involved with the decorating, too.

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