Clothespin Bat

Here are more pictures of the clothespin Bat finished, a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to make . You need a little bit of time to make the template and to allow for the painted clothespins to dry but otherwise this easy halloween craft can be done in minutes.

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for kids. While dressing up and getting candy is the main draw, children love to see spooky decorated houses, too. You can have awesome decorations - and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

This Halloween decoration uses only a clothespin, some black paper and black paint along with some glue can be made in abundance and used all over your house.

Use plain black and white googley eyes or colored eyes. You can even make the eyes out of small black circles and small white circles – or let the artist in the family crayon them in.

Here’s what we did.

We made the regular paper bats, some we made with craft foam to be more substantial, and some we decorated with glitter glue.

Since we just happen to have a lot of glue dots around (from Gift Basket business days) we also used some glue dots to adhere the bat body and bat wings onto the clothespin. It was less messy, faster and didn’t wrinkle the paper.

If you have extra glue dots, you might want to try that, especially with older children. Little ones have a hard time getting the glue dots off their fingers. (Of course, that’s part of the fun).

We also have a lot of 2inch x 1 inch magnets (from our Fridge Calendar business) so we cut a ¼ inch strip off the bigger piece and just stuck it on the underside of the clothespin.

And here we have our spooky critter turned into a Fridge magnet.

Have a great time this Halloween with activities, food and crafts that will make the most of this fun time of year with your family.

Transform yourself and your entire house into something spooktacular with little effort. You'll be the talk of the entire neighborhood.

More terrific Spooktaculous ways to have Halloween fun for pennies!

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