Cooking Hints

More old time tips and cooking hints- from the 1950's and 1960's

More old time tips and cooking hints to help you in the kitchen. These are tips and household hints collected from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Many are a little bit different, some apply just the same as they did then.

I love to get a peek into kitchens back 50 or 60 years and more. Sometimes the cooking hints are so vivid, I feel as if I’m back in those days seeing my mom’s or my grandmas’s kitchen.

Interesting to see references to polythene bags that would have been quite new on the market in those years – people quickly find new uses for them.

I think I’ll even try a few of the tips! Next I bake bread and want to slice it fresh from the oven (how can you wait?) I’ll definitely “warm my bread knife”.

I already warm my knife before spreading icing and measure butter, if I need, by putting water in a mixing cup first – did my mom pass those cooking tips onto me after she learned them – after all, these are really her collection of Cooking Hints.


Pop your open cookbook inside a polythene bag while following a recipe.

A small bag of salt in the biscuit tin keeps contents crisp. Dry the salt in a warm oven periodically

A knife or spatula dipped in hot water for a minute spreads icing more easily.

New bread is sliced more easily with a warm knife.

Warm your mixing bowl with boiling water before creaming sugar and butter in cold weather. They will blend more easily.

Wrap a stale loaf in a damp cloth for a few hours, then bake in a moderate oven until the crust is crisp again.

If a recipe needs a half cupful of butter – half fill a cup with water, then add butter until the water overflows. Pour off the water and the right amount of butter remains.

Don’t wrap meat in paper. Natural juices will be lost and it will go bad more quickly.

When boiling a cracked egg, a teaspoon of salt or a little vinegar should stop it from leaking.

Before turning out a blanc mange or jelly, dip the mold in hot water.

To keep leftover egg yolks, place in a cup of cold water.

Grease the finger with cooking fat before handling fruit with a soft skin.

Don’t store raspberries and other soft fruits in a deep bowl. Lay them out flat on a tray.

Rhubarb mixed half and half with other fruit will not be easily detected but will double the bulk.

Make a tray for small spice jars that will fit the shelf for easy selection.

When storing raisins, sultanas and currants in tines, make small holes in the lids to prevent the fruit going mouldy.

Simmer cocoa in a little water to get rid of its raw taste for chocolate icing, etc.

Avoid rhubarb ‘strings’ by cutting with scissors.

New idea for a sandwich filling – cream cheese and chopped pineapple.

Fresh juice – orange, lemon or grapefruit – gives a pleasant change from milk for breakfast cereals.

When icing a cake, level off the top, turn upside down and ice the firmer base.

Next time you cook prunes, soak overnight in cold tea with a slice of lemon and cook in the same liquid.

Another way of keeping biscuits crisp is to line the biscuit tin with blotting paper.

Mint sauce made with lemon juice is tang-ily different.

Soggy tomatoes soaked overnight in salt water should be firm once more.

Hope you have enjoyed these cooking hints along with this glimpse into the lives of women in their kitchens in the !950's and 1960's.

My mom was a great cook. Thanks for teaching me so well and sharing all your wisdom, Mom!

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