Cream Puffs

How To Make Cream Puff Pastry

Or as Julia Child would say, Pate A Choux

This recipe for Cream Puffs is for Liz who urgently requested it for her husband, Mike. I haven't made them for years so I am surprised that he remembered about this yummy dessert.

Fortunately I did remember the first time I made them - do I have to mention it was wa-a-a-y back in the 1970's - when I made them as individual sized "birthday" cakes, complete with candles, for Mike's dad. We stood outside to devour these right on a warm September evening beside the log house we were building. (but sadly never did finish)

Living as I did back then, in a converted school bus, (yes, some of us did stuff like that in the 70's), with a nice full-sized propane stove, I only had 2 cookbooks to choose recipes from and very little cupboard space for an array of ingredients.  But the 2 cookbooks I did have were Adele Davis' Let's Cook It Right that I bought from Jamieson's BookStore on Davie Street in Vancouver which was right next door to to where I worked at Super Valu - and Julia Child's The French Chef that had been given to me by my aunt and uncle for my 21st birthday.

I have often thought that those 2 cookbooks define my life! Certainly my interests. I love both those rebellious women and wish I could sit down to enjoy a nice cup of tea with them (make mine mint tea with almond milk).

So to get Julia Child's recipe to Liz as quickly as possible, here it is. Stained pages and all.

Though I do apologize for the bad photography. These midnight ventures leave something to be desired


Okay, now I'm starting to remember how quick and easy these were to make and thinking...maybe I should make these more often. (As in more than once every 10 or 20 years)

These little ones (with a sweet filling) are what would be used for Croquembouche, that elegant Christmas Dessert, where they are piled up into a cone shape like a Christmas Tree and bound with threads of caramel.

But that's for another day.

I made them big and I think I just scooped them out of the pot by the spoonful not having things like pastry bags in those days.

For the Birthday  I put Chocolate Pudding inside with a very rich Chocolate Glaze on top (like a slightly thinner Ganache), topped again with Whipped Cream. Oh, mama! was it good!

Here's Julia Child's Recipe from the end of this chapter for Gnocchi, too.

In case you're curious about what was on the open book in the image up top, it was another family favorite from Adelle Davis' cookbook. This one I did make on a regular basis. Memories.

Sorry it's so unreadable.

Hope you enjoy this!

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