Curb Your Sweet Tooth 

Top 10 Tips To Stop Those Sugar Cravings

Suffer from sugar cravings and want to curb your sweet tooth? It’s more like wanting to kick that sweet tooth to the curb! If you’re like me, some days are worse than others. It may be hormone swings, an emotional need or just plain habit that makes many of us crave sweets. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sweet foods.   It is natural to do so.

Curb Your Sweet Tooth

Nowadays, there are sweets available everywhere you go, it can be hard to resist, and overwhelming to have to say no all the time. Sweets have been used as rewards probably for most of our lives so it’s natural to feel pleasure when we eat them.

Sometimes we crave the sugar rush to give our flagging energy a boost. Sugar, after all, does fuel every cell in our brain, as well as the rest of our body, so a ‘simple carbohydrate’ like sugar will give us that rush.  It’s called a rush because sugar-sweet foods, like candy, icings, pancake syrup, soda pop and a lot of baking, have no or little redeeming protein or fiber to slow the reaction. So our body's react quickly.

But if we eat too much of them or give in when we really do need to be eating more healthy food,  a sugar slump comes next as our blood sugar crashes. That may set us up for a roller coaster trip of thinking we need more sweets to feel good. What we really do is to reinforce a bad habit to our long term detriment.

Sweets are okay in their place and if we  are the ones in control. That requires recognizing what is really happening and gaining the mental strength to learn to curb our sweet tooth.

We can do it!

Here are some ideas to help you curb your sweet tooth once and for all.

1. Clean up your environment.

It is almost impossible to kick sugar cravings when there is junk food everywhere you look. Choose not to keep sweets in your home and it will be easier to avoid them altogether. At the same time, you need to provide healthy substitutes for those times when you do want a dessert or snack.

2. Choose natural sweets.

Sweet foods are what we prefer as babies, and sweet foods are not all bad. Choose naturally sweet food such as fresh fruits, so you will also get a good dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber while you enjoy them. This way you can have your sweets and eat them, too!

Try berries with your cereal instead of sugar.  Avoid most sweetened yogurts in favor of plain unsweetened yogurt brands and add your own fresh fruit to it.

A big savings for you in both cost and your health.

3. Take a drink of water.

Often when you think you are craving sweets, you are actually thirsty. When you want to consume sugar, reach for a large glass of water instead, and see if you still desire sweets by the time you are finished.

To make it really pleasing to your eye palate as well as your taste buds, add some fresh fruit for a little extra taste and, well, beauty. Food pleases our sense of beauty, too, and colors and tongue tingles are deeply satisfying.

Take the time to enjoy them.

4. Cut it our completely

Consuming sugar can give you even stronger cravings for it. If you want to curb your sweet tooth and get rid of this constant temptation, it is much easier to get it out of your life completely. This is almost impossible to do – and even more difficult to sustain – unless you find a replacement for sugar or all those sugary treats.

There are many sugar substitutes; not all are good for you. Aim to look for natural replacements that will develop into a long term eating habit.

What does this mean? First of all, it means you need to learn to read labels on everything you buy. You’ll discover that most of the packaged foods in the stores contain more sugar and salt than you have noticed before.You'll discover a lot of hidden sugars you weren't aware that were being added to your diet.

Eventually you may make a decision to avoid packaged foods as much as possible.

5. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.

If you have let yourself go too long in between meals and your blood sugar is dropping, you will crave the quick fix that sugar brings. Avoid this by eating regular meals, which include each of the major food groups, and healthy filling snacks, like Spicy Hummus Dip with fresh vegetables, that you can keep handy for instant craving attacks.

Choose protein to curb your sweet tooth with foods like, hard cooked eggs, unsweetened yogurt, unsalted nuts, or beans and pulses.

6. Mix sweets with healthy foods.

If you are craving something like chocolate, melt it and dip apples or a banana in it. This way you will satisfy your sweet tooth and fill your stomach in a nutritious manner at the same time, which is a perfect combination for relieving a craving.

7. Exercise when you feel a craving for sweets coming on.

Exercise naturally balances blood sugar, which will help eliminate the cravings you may feel when your blood sugar is low. Any exercise is great, and even a daily brisk walk can do wonders for helping control your sweet tooth.  This is much the same as stopping a bad habit, like smoking, where just distracting yourself for a few minutes is enough for the moment to pass or for you to re-think what you would really like to eat. 

For my clients with Stop Smoking I often recommend a breathing trick called The 7/11 technique. When you feel the craving, simply breathe in deeply for 7 seconds. Long slow breaths right down through your lungs to your diaphragm. Hold for a second and then breathe out just as slowly for 11 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

Sometimes, when we feel –or think we do ­- the need for a sugar rush (or cigarette) we really need oxygen.

8. Find an alternate way to reward yourself.

Sweets are something we associate with rewards. If you feel as though you deserve a reward for any reason, find a better way to give this to yourself. It could be anything from getting a haircut or manicure, to buying yourself a new book you’ve been wanting.

9. Get plenty of rest.

When we allow our bodies to get overtired and run down, we will begin to crave foods that are not wholesome. Kick your sugar cravings to the curb by getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night.

Again, if you are wanting a late night treat or snack, choose a protein food and avoid the cookies and chips.

10. Use essential oils.

There are a number of essential oils, such as, dill and pink grapefruit which are believed to help curb your sweet tooth and dumb down those sugar cravings when inhaled or applied externally.

Be sure to choose pure, high quality oils and to consult with a professional who has experience working with them.

Having a sweet tooth can be a frustrating situation, as it is difficult to conquer once it gets hold of you. However, there are many ways you can get rid of this frustration and curb your sweet tooth once and for all.

Kick sugar cravings to the curb with these top 10 helpful tips PLUS add some Mental First Aid using hypnosis, like Lose Your Sweet Tooth, an audio hypnosis session developed to address sugar cravings right at the root - in the unconscious behavior patterns in your brain.

So if you're thinking you can't curb your sweet tooth, think again! Use the power of your mind - plus all the many things you can do or change in gentle ways - and you can win at this game.

Curb Your Sweet Tooth with Healthy Eating Skills

You'd be the kind of sweetie we love if you shared these great tips so someone else can curb their sweet tooth, too.
Thanks if you do.

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