Easy Halloween Spiders

How Easy? Even a kid could make some easy Halloween Spiders.

There are so many ways to make Easy Halloween Spiders. Some of these are made from toilet paper rolls that are cut into three pieces. That makes them about the right height for a spider. If you like big spiders.

Pardon the glare

While I hang in the air!

Others are made from construction paper  with the legs pre-cut and then they are rolled into a spider and glued or taped together.

My little craft crew were different ages so when they got to work – guess what? – all the spiders were their own designs! I tried to get them to stick at 8 legs but after a while I didn’t care. It was much more interesting to see what they came up with for their Halloween spiders.

Next thing I knew when I turned my head for just a few minutes was that my weeping fig tree was decorated in spiders and spiders’ webs!

Easy Halloween Spiders.

Start with empty toilet paper rolls.

Have an adult or older child, cut them into thirds.

Cut the black construction paper  pieces about 6 inches by 3 inches. The 3 inches is what gets rolled around to cover the toilet paper roll.

Leaving enough room at the top, we cut pre-cut the legs. Spiders have 8 legs (if your little crafty people so choose).

I know, you're looking at that spider and saying...black construction paper? That one looks pink to me.

But that’s the fun of working with children. You start with a plan and then let their imaginations take over.

Once the paper is cut, apply glue to the toilet rolls and apply the uncut part of the black construction paper to the roll so the legs meet the bottom of the roll as pictured above.

Wrap it around until the two edges just meet or slightly overlap.

Allow a little extra at the top to fold over for a neater edge. You could cut it longer than we did and fold it further down inside, too. In that case, cut the paper longer than the original 6 inches.

Next, fold the legs. Fold up from the bottom of the roll, then fold at the “knees” to make them stand up.

And, except for adding features, you’re done.

Of course, your spiders don’t have to be black.

Who knows, there may be pink spiders somewhere in the world.  Probably Australia. They seem to have a lot of unusual creatures. Possibly they have largish pink spiders in Australia. That could explain why they have kangaroos jumping around. They’re jumping around to squish the poor spiders.

And, if not in Australia, they have them here in Canada. .. at my house!

Easy Halloween Spiders: Method 2

These are made just from the black construction paper. No toilet paper roll. They are especially good for hanging from branches or mobiles where you want them to move around.

Cut the black construction paper into rectangles as above. With younger children, or groups, it goes much better if you precut the pieces of paper. These kids just wanted to get taping their easy Halloween spiders together. To them easy Halloween spiders means fast Halloween spiders.

Cut 8 legs. Or whatever. 

After you have given the science lesson about how spiders have 8 legs, if they cut 4 or 11, it’s no use arguing. You know you will lose against the logic of a 6 year old.

Roll up and tape the long edges at the top so the legs are left free.

Now, you can cut the original piece of paper less than 6 inches. Or, do what we did and fold it over on itself to make a stronger spider body.

Though one small boy wouldn’t fold his over.

He wanted a tall spider.

Possibly he’d been to Australia. They may have tall spiders there.

Then carry on as for the toilet paper roll spiders.

Bend the legs like a spider.

Add googly eyes  (or just 1 eye) or small round stickers for the eyes.

And eyebrows or a mustache if you want.  It really is surprising what some eyebrows will do for a spider.

I really like the red eyes. I feel creeped out already.

Everything we used came from the Dollar Store, so these easy Halloween spiders are also Cheap and Easy Halloween Spiders. And Fast.

We had tons of fun making these. Older kids and younger ones.

The designs evolved.

I turned my back for a few minutes and suddenly my weeping fig tree was covered in spiders…and “things”.

Some of the “things”.

This is what happens when you put paper, pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, stickers, tape, glue and googly eyes on the table and give a little talk about spiders.

It makes you wonder what they actually hear.

Reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s teacher. Blah blah blah.

Then they wanted paper cups to decorate.

Having Halloween fun with grandchildren never got easier!

Did you notice the younger ones, all boys, just went for simple – paper, tape and sticker eyes for the spiders.

But then they got super creative with their own versions of spiders and cobwebs and “things”.

Others liked these, you will, too!

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