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Top Ten Tips So You Can Eat More Healthfully Starting Today!

Set goals to eat more healthfully, whether its to improve overall health or as some of us do to lose a few pounds, and we feel excited and uplifted! Whoopee! The future looks bright. But often that initial enthusiasm fades away rather quickly; some people end up giving up, some never get started.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate healthy eating that may work for you:

Top 10 Ways To Eat More Healthfully

1. Focus on Adding, Not Taking Away, New Things

Instead of just an egg for breakfast, add some greens, slices of fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese.

For many people considering eating more healthy, or adapting a healthier lifestyle, their first thought is one of loss. That is, they begin to think of all the foods they cannot eat. So the first emotional reaction is one of deprivation and sadness.

You can turn that around by beginning your new healthy eating endeavor by adding new and different things to your diet. You will find yourself fuller and less apt to eat unhealthy foods. Emotionally you'll feel excited and successful. You'll feel good!

Here's 2 recipes for fresh juices that might add a bang to your morning!

Recipe: Wake Up Call

Color: Avocado

3 small oranges (remove the peel, keep the pith)
1 medium zucchini
1 Granny Smith apple, seeds and core removed

Stir and enjoy immediately.

Recipe: Green Giant

Color: Rich, deep green

Half bag of chopped kale
A few leaves of baby arugula
1 thick English cucumber (usually plastic-wrapped)
3 celery stalks
1 parsnip
(optional) one tomatillo

2. Try New Things

Pitya – Dragon Fruit – is indigenous to Central America. Get the whole story and nutrition facts here. 

Start trying something new every other day of the week. For example, add a fruit or vegetable that you have never tried before or  try whole-grain bread or pasta as opposed to plain white bread or white pasta. By trying new foods, recipes, or cooking styles, the possibilities open of finding something not only healthier, but that you truly enjoy, as well.

3. Be More Colorful

Take a look at the different food groups and see if you can incorporate foods of different colors into your daily eating routine. For example, peppers come In a variety of colors. If you haven't tried a yellow or orange pepper, now may be a great time. Pick a colour a day to add, and, for instance, If your theme color of the day is orange, try a tangelo or a squash. Think Colour when you go shopping or plan a meal.

4. Get Your Co-workers Involved

Incorporate your office friends to join you on this new adventure of eating healthier. Make it fun! Everyone could take turns bringing a new fruit, vegetable, food or recipe to share once a week. 

Besides finding that you all eat more healthfully, you might even find ways to incorporate some exercise or noon hour walks into your new office routine.

At the end of the week, take a vote and give out a small prize for the most creative and tasty food or healthy treat.

5. Start Where You Shop



Make Fresh?

Which way do you choose to eat more healthfully?

Remember the old adage: If it is in the house, you will eat it . When your goal is to improve your health by making the healthy choice to avoid junk food, this advice could not be any truer. It is harder on your willpower if you have easy access to cupboards stocked with cookies, chips, ice cream, and cake. Do not buy large quantities of these items, but DO BUY healthy alternatives.and you will be fine when you have a craving for a sweet treat or unhealthy snack.

Best Pennywise Tip: Make it a habit to shop the outside aisles of the store first where you can choose from the real food!  Saves money, too.

6. Do Not Deprive Yourself

Worried about the fats in snack when you are trying to eat more healthfully? Click on picture above for more tips on Healthy Fats.

One of the worst things you can do is to always deprive yourself of a treat or a favorite snack. Don't beat yourself up if you give in to a treat one time - and pre-planning your snacks is a good idea. Remember, too, some individuals crave  chocolate treats; others crave salty snacks. Look for alternatives to high-calorie snacks, that  keep you completely satisfied. For instance, peanuts are just as salty as potato chips, but are better for you.

7. Use More Healthy Substitutions

If you want to keep some of your favorite foods, think about substituting. Try grilled chicken breasts instead of fried chicken. Replace sour cream with natural plain yogurt. Use honey in recipes instead of sugar.

Best Pennywise Tip: You'll need to use a smaller amount of honey than what the recipe calls for in sugar.

8. Use Pictures for Inspiration

By posting messages about what different healthy foods can do for different parts of the body, for example,  the heart and the brain, you will have more incentive to eat right for excellent reasons. Place photos of beautiful skin, hair, nails, and a healthy heart or favorite inspirational quotes of your goals on your fridge. You will be reminded constantly of what you are doing for yourself and for your family as well.

9. Call A Meeting

Call a family meeting and ask others to be respectful of your newfound decision for eating healthy. Tell them that they are not forced to join you, but it would be nice.

Also, let them know that they are to support and encourage you by not eating unhealthily in front of you. This has a double bonus in that your family may just notice your good habits without being forced to do so - and want to join in!.

10. Host a Eating Healthy Event

Invite friends and families over at the beginning of your new decision.  Have everyone bring a healthy dish to a potluck style dinner.  Have them write the recipes on index cards to place with their dish so others can take them home.

Buying inspiring new cookbooks and placing index cards around the kitchen showing, real real benefits like, for example, the difference in calories between a  heavy cream and low fat yogurt in  a recipe, you will have visual reminders of how you are helping your body keep healthy by making valuable changes.

Once you can see on paper that the results of eating healthy are numerous, you are more likely to stick to the plan. Eating healthy helps your body and your mind. Important nutrients contribute to health benefits such as lower cholesterol, a healthy heart, and even a sharper memory. Besides losing weight and feeling great, these are all great bonuses to your desire to eat more healthfully.

Get started today by making a handy chart to track your progress or create a new habit. A blank calendar will do or just a rough chart with the days of the week for each month. Get others in the family taking part and everyone will be motivated to eat more healthfully without argument.

All you need to do is mark each day of the month each time you try something new or as a reminder to pre-plan a new food to add. For instance, for a snack on family movie night, you might write down "potato chips' then draw a big X over in and write in Hummus and veggies. Another day you might write down: Try Eggplant. Go here for some new veggie recipes including one for Eggplant!

And here are some different foods that help to supply your body with calcium.

Improving your health often means trying some new things and looking at meals a little bit differently. It can be exciting and energizing in more ways than one.

Best to you!

Today's Challenge: Commit to eat more healthfully by sharing these Top 10 Ways To Eat More Healthfully with family and friends and start a trend. Thanks for sharing!

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