Family First Aid Kit

Do you have a family First Aid Kit?

Having a first aid kit is an essential part of your home supplies. At any moment you may need to treat someone for a simple cut or scrape or worse yet a broken arm or deep gash. It's one of those "an ounce of prevention" things that makes Life a little bit easier - if we do it!

Does your family have a first aid kit?  If not, you can either buy a home kit or take a little time to put one together.

You may want to put together a few: one for each car, one for the camper besides one each for the kitchen and bathroom, depending on how far apart the rooms are. We also liked to have one upstairs where the bedrooms were and one outside in the barn or garage where tools were frequently used.

Since we had a lot of items we would need, and wanted to make more than one kit, we opted to re-use containers, like Baby Wipe boxes, that came with a lid but were easy to open and were also washable or in a pinch would hold water.



Make Your Own?

Here are some items you will need for your family first aid kit:

* Bandages of different sizes, including triangular

* Tape, preferably adhesive

* Alcohol wipes (which you can buy by the box)

* Antibiotic ointment or creams (Neosporin)

* Disposable Ice Packs

* Disposal latex gloves

* Gauze pads of various sizes (including a roll of self-adhesive gauze)

* Tylenol, Advil and Aspirin

* Ipecac

* Antihistamine

* Epinephrine

* Scissors

* Tweezers

* Safety Pins

Bee sting allergy in the family? Add a Bee Sting kit.

Putting these supplies in one container will make them more useful and useable. While you may already have most of these supplies in your medicine cabinet, it is added safety measure to be able to access these items quickly.

If there was a local community emergency, this would be the first item you would need to grab as you exit your home. But more likely you’ll use them for the accidents that happen in home or in your neighbourhood. Perhaps your child fell off his bike and is badly hurt, having this kit immediately available can save him a great deal of pain until you rush him to a hospital or clinic.

Add to the kit any items you feel necessary, or didn’t have in the past when confronted with a home accident, sudden illness, or child injury. 

Best Pennywise Tip: Take a First Aid course. If your local community offers a one day course on first aid, which also includes CPR training, it would be a good idea to participate. Check out community centers, the Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance to see what they offer. Perhaps you can persuade your local school or church to sponsor some courses.

When faced with any life threatening situation at home, at least you will be prepared and have whatever you need to assist your loved ones.

Going for a hike or camping trip? Carry a kit with you.

Remind your friends, too.


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