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Display Ad on Business Directory Page: $350.00 year includes Business Listing Page. Display Ad is your Biz Listing PLUS your Ad or JPEG
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Mindscape Stress Management
Hypnosis, Visualisation,
Personal Sessions, Classes
Sylvia Frain C.Ht. 12 Years experience
Anxiety, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Insomnia
See my page online at Stress Management

Let Sylvia help you recognise and manage stress and anxiety issues in your life. These often include Anxiety, Motivation, Insomnia, and Forgiveness issues. Learn Relaxation techniques through personal Self Hypnosis/Visualization sessions or small group classes. For further information about MindScape Stress Management, Hypnosis Personal Sessions or Small Group Classes click here. 

Display Ad on Business Directory Page

Display Ad on Business Directory Page: $350.00 year
 - includes listing on Business Listing Page PLUS 50 to 100 word article, live links in listing and ad

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Health In Hand – Family Chiropractic
Dr. Travis Pillipow DC
#104 – 1195 Industrial Rd, West Kelowna

Dr. Travis at Health in Hand Family Chiropractic will answer all your questions.

Thank you!

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Automobile: Car Repair, Body Shops, Tires, Lube, etc.
Business & Finance: Services, Legal, Tax Services, Insurance, Investment & Financial Services, etc.
Computers & Software: Computer Sales & Repairs, Business Office Equipment, etc.
Education & Employment Services: Schools, Training, Tutoring, etc.
Entertainment: Movies, bowling, swimming pools, fun places to go & things to do
Health & Beauty: Beauty Salons, Spas, Nail Salons, etc.
Health, Professional: Medical & Dental Services, Optical, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Drug Stores, Pharmacy, etc.
Health, Other: Fitness, Counseling, Hypnosis, Alternative Health, Wellness Personal & Home Products, etc.
Home & Garden : Home Reno, Repair, Landscaping, etc.
Pets: Veterinarians, Pet Grooming, Pet Food, Kennels,etc.
Real Estate: Realtors, Home Staging, etc.
Restaurants: Fast food, Chinese, Pizza, Take out, Seafood, Ice Cream Shops, etc
Retail & Shopping:  Clothing, Shoes, Sports,Florists, Gifts, Home Décor, etc.
Sports: Dance, Gymnastics, Tai Chi etc.
Travel & Tourism: Travel agents, Local Tourist Attractions in the Okanagan

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North Okanagan & Kamloops,
Central Okanagan from Lake Country & WInfield to Peachland and
South Okanagan from Summerland, Penticton to Oysooyos.
Also includes Merritt & Princeton.


Okanagan Career Opportunity: We are looking for experienced Advertising Salespeople throughout the Okanagan areas that we cover.

These positions are suitable for people with a knowledge of local businesses and an understanding of their Advertising needs online and offline. May be full-time or Part-time.

Please contact us here and we will call you back.

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