Free Daily Crossword Puzzles

Puzzles are good for brain health and our Free Daily Crossword Puzzles are fun. Visit every day to do a new crossword puzzle and you’ll keep your brain sharp and healthy.

Wonder why crossword puzzles are good for the brain?

It is a good exercise for the mind. Just as you need to exercise your body, you need to exercise your brain cells! More tips below on why keeping your mind sharp with a daily crossword puzzles is a good idea.

Here are some Free Daily Crossword Puzzles for you to do every day.

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Why a Free Daily Crossword Puzzle is good for you:

Here are some of the top benefits:

Aside from stretching the possibilities of your mind, here are other benefits in solving crossword puzzles:

1. Crossword puzzles are enjoyable. They just make people happier by lightening up their mood. People who play crossword puzzles are believed to have lighter moods compared to those who don’t because they have an outlet to their emotions. If one solves a crossword puzzle, his or her energy will be diverted into it and will lead him or her to a lighter feeling once the puzzle is finished.

2. They keep your wits sharp. Puzzle solvers as well as medical experts would agree that by solving crossword puzzles, the wits get sharper and sharper every day because the mind is being exercised to think more.

3. Crossword puzzles give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Most people after completing have a feeling of inner satisfaction and fulfillment that they don’t always get from other activities. It’s that “Job well done” feeling, especially when we see it as an expression of our intelligence. Crossword puzzles enable the player to see the challenge from start till finish. Once the boxes or spaces have been filled out with a word or words, it gives the player a very satisfying feeling for completing a seemingly simple but hard task.

4. Me Time. Though friends or couples often share in solving the puzzle, many times people solve them on their own. Just by their nature (one pen, one puzzle) people are encouraged to have time alone for themselves. Puzzles in general are considered as "solitary activities" because only one person is needed to solve it. Giving time alone to think and reflect.

5. When played regularly, solving puzzles lowers the risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other age-related neurological disorders. Medical experts reported that people who are solving crossword puzzles at least five times a week have a lower risk of dementia compared to those who solve these only once a week. This is because crossword puzzles encourage the mind to be exercised to find the answers.

6. It aids relaxation. Solving crossword puzzles provides relaxation to the person's the body, mind, and soul. For some, solving crossword puzzle serves as a form of relaxation because it gives the person some time off from the busy world outside. When you are focusing on your puzzle, you aren’t worrying or thinking about your work or other challenges. It’s a wonderful distraction.

7. It helps people to live a healthier life in general. Solving crossword puzzles helps people to free themselves from various vices and addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes as well as various medications such as tranquilizers and narcotics.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve seen many clients looking for a distraction to keep them from thinking about or reaching for a cigarette. That time of craving for a cigarette doesn’t actually last long. Puzzles are an excellent distraction that you can pick up and work on for just a minute or two. Keeping one on your kitchen counter might be enough of a distraction to keep ‘snackers’ away from the cookie jar, too.

People suffering from pain, like Fibromyalgia or while recovering from surgery, will also find that switching their mind from their pain or discomfort to a crossword puzzle gives some needed relief, often allowing healing to come a bit faster.

Whether you spend an hour or just 15 minutes, solving crossword puzzles can help you avoid many unhealthy as well as depressing thoughts.

These Free Daily Crossword Puzzles are here for your enjoyment! They're mostly pretty easy and we think that they would be fun to do with elementary school age children and teens. Maybe these will be a good family activity and a way to pull kids out of the 'tech' world for a while!

Have fun!

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