Gas Saving Tips

The price of gasoline is on the rise. Here we have some gas saving tips to help you find ways to still keep the cost of fuel down. This is truly a great concern if you are following a tight budget.


How can you save some money on gas?

Read these tips.


Are there neighbors who drive to the same work area as you do.? Or work-mates who live near you? If you can arrange a carpool where everyone chips in a portion of the gas and maintenance costs, everyone saves on fuel and parking costs.

The same goes for places you regularly travel to like, school, church, shopping, seniors centers, team sports, dance lessons and girl guides just to name a few.

Best Pennywise Tip: Don’t freeload – you may lose a good ride plus a good friendship. Pay your share.

Public Transportation

You can always take the public transportation system when going to the office. This is also a good way to relax since you are not driving. You can even take a short nap while on your way!  Buy a pass at a discounted price.

Price Check

When you are out and about, keep an eye out for the pump prices of the gas stations near your neighborhood.  Eventually you’ll come to know which gas station has the best prices. Can you get a discount or a coupon or air mile points?

Wholesale clubs, some grocery stores or malls even have a gas station where they offer fuel at extra low prices  to attract customers.  If you have to buy a membership, it may not be worth it, but if you get a coupon to spend on groceries, you’ll save there.  Just make sure that whatever you get is something you need. If you have to eat out at a restaurant you normally wouldn’t have gone to, you’ll probably spend more than you will save.

Keep in mind that a few cents difference can add up to a lot if you continually have your car re-filled in the same gas station all the time.

Leave The Car At Home

A good way to save money on gas and keep yourself healthy at the same time is by walking or riding a bike to your destination. It saves time since you do not have to look for parking and also makes you healthier from the exercise. Utilizing these alternatives will also keep you from getting stuck in traffic which will surely waste a lot of your time and gas. You may get healthier from this gas saving tip!

Vehicle Maintenance

It is necessary to keep your car's engine in good running condition so that it will not consume a lot of fuel. Or need a lot of expensive repairs. Besides, having your car in for those repairs is a big inconvenience.  Don't forget to check for dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels also on a regular schedule..

Follow the advice in your vehicle manual for simple maintenance you can do yourself. Change windshield wiper blades when necessary, stop cracks from spreading, repair paint chips, wash and wax  when needed. Wash salt off during the winter. But also, learn to change the oil, or at least how to check to see if it needs changing.

More Car Maintenance Tips Here

And don't forget this gas saving tip for summer: Use the air conditioning as little as possible since it drastically increases the car's fuel consumption.

Tire Pressure

This gas saving tip is another maintenance chore to schedule. While you may not do it “once a month”, maybe make it a plan to do it every time you fill up at the gas station or every Saturday morning.  Check your car's tires to make sure each one has the right amount of pressure. Having unequal pressure can greatly affect the car's fuel economy and life of the tires plus make driving hazardous.  This way, also, you can catch a tire that has a slow leak before you get caught in traffic with a flat!

Drive Efficiently

Learn to operate your vehicle so that you are not wasting fuel. Don’t leave your car or truck running any longer than necessary. (“Necessary” means “just what you absolutely have to”) Warming up may only need to be 30 seconds or a minute, sitting in the drive through live-up can be avoided or turn your engine off. 

Go easy on your brake pedal - slow down, then brake - instead of jamming on your brakes at a higher speed.

Park so you can “pull through” instead of having to reverse and back out of a parking space then manoeuver into the drive lane.

 Accelerating from a stop too quickly also burns up extra fuel so slow down to save money.  

When driving around on errands, plan out your route before you even get out of the house to minimize your trips. 

These are just a few gas saving tips for while you are out there driving. They’ll save wear and tear on your vehicle making it last longer, lessen repair costs, your vehicle will have a better resale value  and you’ll keep more of your money in your pocket.

These are some of the things that you can do to save on gas. Gasoline is not a renewable resource; therefore using it wisely is very important to conserve this valuable commodity.

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