Goal Planning Strategies

Goal Planning Strategies: How To Use VIPER

Are you looking for Goal Planning Strategies that truly work?

  • Do you want to achieve your most important goals are in life?
  • Perhaps, you want financial success, or
  • You want to focus on health and be fit and trim.
  • You may be looking ahead at the future and planning a career or
  • Starting out on an educational path that will lead you to your dream vocation?
  • Others are setting their sights on being an entrepreneur and owning their own business.
  • Or maybe you're seeking the love of your life and looking forward to a happy family life.

To accomplish any of these goals, takes resolve. You will need to commit resources toward it and have the motivation to work at it over a long period of time. It's one thing to "set goals". We do that on a daily basis, sometimes for things as simple or routine as, I want to be in bed asleep by 10:30. Sometimes we get there; sometimes we don't. But with a successful goal planning mindset, our chances of achieving the goals we set is greatly enhanced.

You don't want to decide that you need or want to reach a certain goal only to find your initial goal planning strategies were all wrong and you're not where you want to be.

There are some very effective strategies that have been developed over the years to simplify the process and help you to keep on track. And that's important because, as with setting annual New Year's Resolutions, many people set goals yet not that many actually reach them.  Part of it is mindset; part of it is planning.

V I P E R is one such method that will help you to define your goals and then work through the rest of the 5 Step Program until completion.

Here are some tips on how to use the goal planning strategies of V I P E R to reach any goal you want:

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What is V I P E R?

V I P E R is a 5 Step goal planning strategies plan for successful goal accomplishment. This single technique or system captures the key crucial steps for successful goal setting and fulfillment. It covers all that's to be done in goal accomplishment, from beginning to end.

First step to V I P E R is: visualization of your goal and then it takes you to beyond your goal, where you recap what you've done and the lessons you are able to follow for the next time. It maps the steps you need to do for each of your goals   and guides you throughout the entire process.

Things to recognize about V I P E R:

1. Good for any goal.

What goals are you going after? Getting a job you love? Slimming down? Increasing hits on your blog? Starting a new work at home business? Bettering your health? Purchasing a new house? Constructing stronger relationships?

Regardless what goal you have in mind, VIPER is wholly applicable and relevant. In brief, it may be utilized for literally any goal in the world.

When you consider learning new goal planning strategies consider if this is a skill you will want to use repeatedly. If you master one technique, it will be a valuable asset in your toolbox working for someone else or starting a work from home second career.

2. Every step is needed in the success of the goal.

Each step of these goal planning strategies are important. They’re separate parts of a system that make it whole. Attempting to omit any of the steps will endanger your chances and level of success.

3. The steps happen in sequence.

The steps happen in sequence. What that means is that, like building a house, the first step is the foundation, and the next step follows and is built upon that foundation. If the first foundation step is faulty your goal, like the house, will be out of sync all the way through. In fact, the most time may be spent on the first step - but don't despair, it is well worth every effort you put in - since the first step needs to be complete prior to going to the second, and the third and so on.

Therefore, each of the 5 steps in the V I P E R method ought to be as specific and precise as possible prior to moving to the next.  This can save a lot of revamping your steps which can often lead to frustration and abandonment of your plans.


Say for instance, you determine the goal for yourself is to lose weight, specifically 20 lbs. You arrive at a series of techniques (cut out fat) and plans (vegetarian diet). Nevertheless, as you begin dropping off the weight, you discover yourself feeling lethargic, unhealthy, maybe even losing physical strength as your muscle mass weakens. Even your skin looks bad.

Now you recognize that you don't just want to lose 20 lbs of weight. Yes, you want to be slimmer but what you really want is to be slimmer and more fit. As you think about it more, you remember that it was that blood pressure test the doctor did that made you start thinking you needed to become healthier.

At that point you are aware that your actual goal is not so much, 'I want to lose 20 lbs', as 'I want to be healthy with lower blood pressure'. There is a difference.

The steps and details of your goal now need to be altered. You look at achieving your dreams from a changed perspective with more of an expanded focus on general exercise, selecting healthy foods, getting enough sleep, rather than simply getting rid of 20 lbs.

The further you are in carrying out the goal and the larger the magnitude of alteration in the initial step, the harder it will be to re-script your plans to reflect the change. Therefore, it's crucial to be stringent with each step of your goal planning strategies if you use V I P E R as a method of your goal setting. Changing a few details in Step 5 won't be as difficult as discovering you were way off in Step One and having to start over. But hopefully, aside from minor tweaks, you can devise a strong and clear program for yourself.

4. Advancement through the steps represents your goal being evidenced in your mind to physical production.

As you start with the beginning step, it's basically a creation in your brain. As you move through the steps, you're basically taking that virtual creation in your brain and giving it physical form and shape in our world.

Using the techniques of visualization in a methodical way will amplify all your efforts. Often if you can "see it" in your mind, then you can achieve it. Of course, not everyone visualizes as well as the next; some people are more auditory, for example, and hearing words describe their vision is just as powerful.

However you give that picture clear is important. Keeping a strong mindset will add to the strength of your determination and resilience.

5. Better fitted for medium to huge goals.

Keep in mind V I P E R is a model for attaining big sized goals, especially those you’ve already attempted to accomplish but haven’t succeeded at yet. It's also excellent if you feel your goals are too overpowering for you. With small goals, which you're fairly confident about, it may be faster and more effective to forge ahead and conquer them.Part of assessing goal planning strategies is finding a good fit for your purpose.

But the bigger the goals or the longer time period set to attain them the more necessary to use bigger, more powerful goal planning strategies to keep you on track. Going through each of the five steps requires a real investment of time and effort, which may not pay off, with modest goals. The bigger the goal, like starting a new business, the more important to have clear and well defined goal planning strategies that work and the more essential the role VIPER plays.

6. Gets you ready for success in your goal.

Holding this orderly approach to goal accomplishment helps dramatically step-up your chances of success for 2 reasons:

  1. First of all, if there are Issues with accomplishing the goal, you are able to always review and discover exactly which stage the issue cropped up, then fix it from there.
  2. Secondly, it sees to it that all bases are covered so you don't leave any stone unturned. In other words, it helps eliminate the "If onlys". If only, I'd had a clearer view of my ideas, if only I'd known I would have to do this sooner than I did, If only I'd sought out a mentor or support group...

Have you ever heard how some people start many businesses, have many failures, before they reach success. Often it's because they finally 'get'  the value of serious planning.

So don't give up - and see every attempt you make as a learning process and a step in the right direction knowing when you use good goal planning strategies you have an advantage.

Goal Planning Strategies of V I P E R

The 5 Steps of V I P E R:


Get a clear image in your mind of the goal you want to achieve. See it as clearly as you can. Look at all aspects of it. Worry at it like a dog with a bone. What does it look like? Put yourself in the picture, and ask, how am I feeling? What am I doing? With that goal achieved, how has your life changed?

Often when people using goal planning strategies, they miss this step but as any hypnotherapist will tell it may be the most important. If you aren't working in junction with your mind, you may be fighting a losing battle. Have you noticed how many people change careers late in life because they want to do what their passion is - because they know, they will still have to work hard but it will feel like fun.


Start by having a realistic look at what you yourself are capable of doing. What skills do you have? What skills can you learn? Where will you find that knowledge - a support group or network, through some intensive reading, taking a short course or seeking out higher education, hiring people? What skills do you not have and who could you find with those abilities? What will be the financial costs or will there be any?

Start to work through (implement) each of the things you need to achieve along the way.


For each goal, the planning portion will be different, dependent partly on the techniques you choose to use and partly by your other personal choices. Think through all the steps that will be necessary to be done. Plan it out carefully and in as much detail as you need. Consider not just what is needed to be done but how many people at each step, perhaps cost, materials, or time factors.


Start working the plan. Even if you aren't sure if all is perfect, begin to implement aspects of your goal. Take baby steps if you must, but take steps.


Evaluate the end result. Determine if the goal is complete or if further steps need to be taken. As you go through the plan, do mini evaluations asking, Is this working? Could it be better? How? Reassess and upgrade your plans if necessary.

One very important step is to acknowledge when certain achievements have been reached. Don't wait until the end (which could take years) but 'celebrate' as smaller steps and goals are reached, like a sales goal achieved, graphics design of your book finalized and approved, or 5 lbs have disappeared, you've walked a mile each day for a month, and your blood pressure is getting under control.

Example: Building a Bridge

Visualize: Truly visualize building the bridge. Perhaps sketch it out, work out plans. Examine the site it will be built on. Know the traffic flow.

Implement: implement techniques to build a bridge, like overcoming wind resistance, seeing to it the bridge can support its own weight, and so on.

Planning: distinguish plan factors like bridge location, size of team, safeguards, precise sort and number of materials to use in construction, and so forth.

Execution: employed workers, secured construction materials, began actual construction of the bridge.

Recap: evaluate the final structure and all the steps that were taken.

More Goal Planning Strategies: Keeping on Track

Keeping strong will help you keep on track. But no one says you can't seek out help to up your mental fortitude. In fact, no mater what you hope to achieve, your mindset will play a large role in whether you achieve it or not.  Nothing ever happens in life on an even keel; every road is filled with bumps and hills. Hold tight to your plans but giving yourself the mental boost you need so that you keep going during the tough times.

Persistence pays off.

Personal Productivity: Maintain Perseverance

A lot of time when we get going at a new program and we want to achieve goals immediately, we're all fired up. But soon, we lose that impetus and our motivation just dies. Often we can't even understand what happened. It's those old habits of faulty thinking that kick in and undermine us before we have established a new, and more healthy, thinking and action pattern. Give yourself the boost you need to make your dreams come true. This has the same effect of using a trainer or putting a group together to help you. You power up your mind to sustain your will and energy.

Now, go for it. Good luck. This time, pull out all the stops, make achieving your goals  a real possibility.

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Watch 'What is hypnosis?' video

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