Halloween Creepy
Concentration Game

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Halloween Creepy Concentration Game

Halloween Creepy Concentration Game is  easy to use, easy to make and easy for everyone of all ages to play. It’s a homemade fun game for Halloween that you can use for your family, trick-or-treaters or for a party.  What we show here is just to give you an idea. Create the pieces and pictures yourself.

If the game will be mostly for really young children, keep the pictures simple.  For elementary school children add words. They probably would like the pictures to be a little bit (maybe a lot) more gruesome!

For teens and adults use more pieces and make it more complicated by using some of the same pictures that are just slightly varied. For instance, with the black and white pictures, you could make different faces on the pumpkins, color backgrounds differently, or add words to the pictures, using the same picture with changing words.

Get your family helping to color in the backgrounds – just make sure that everyone works with two of the same pictures at a time and colors them to be matching. Of course, if you wanted to make it really difficult, you could make 3 or 4 of each kind. Then each person would have to find either 3 or 4 of each one if you wanted.

Want to find some ready-made pictures besides these?  Use Halloween stickers, cut out pictures from grocery flyers (always getting 2 that are the same), or even use little mini candy or chocolate bar wrappers.

If you have a printer, you could have the kids draw pictures and then photocopy them, shrinking or enlarging them to the right size.  If they just do black and white picture, like outlines, then they can color them in after they are copied.

Halloween Creepy Concentration Game Directions:

1. Cut out up to 24 same-size pieces of cardboard. You can easily start use poster board, not too expensive at the Dollar Store, or, better yet, reuse cardboard from cereal or cracker boxes. Once the large pieces (not the final size squares of cardboard) are cut out, paint them or cover them with a piece of paper to hide any printing. You will want the backs to be all the same.

2. Enlarge, print twice and cut out these game pieces and glue to the cardboard pieces.

3. Use as you would a regular concentration game. Place all the matching squares face side down, Each player in turn, turns over 2 squares trying to find 2 pictures that match. When someone finds matching pictures, the game pieces (squares) are then removed. The winner is the player who gets the most.

Halloween Concentration Games Pieces Enlarged Here.

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Halloween Concentration Game

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