Halloween Paper Tube Bats  

Fun, Frugal , Easy To Make!

We love out Halloween Paper Tube bats as much as our Halloween Clothespin bats. They’re just as much fun to make, just as easy to put together, but have that little something extra. While out Halloween clothespin bats may hold a note or two, these bats made from the empty rolls left over from toilet paper (or cut down a paper towel roll) come with a big empty space inside…and that means  space for goodies in their tummies.

Halloween Paper Tube Bats 

Here’s how they are made.

1. Gather your little army of children to paint the toilet paper rolls black. (Heck, maybe there are red or green bats, who knows?  Just don’t argue with a 4 year old about it. They may be right)

Having moved and not being able to find my large bottle of black paint and refusing to buy another one, I instead opted to purchase and use black spray paint. It took moments to spray the rolls. If you aim at them in the right spot they will even turn over so you can get all sides without even using your clean fingertip.

Halloween Paper Tube Bats Tip: 

Best Pennywise Tip: If you also use spray paint, paint inside a box for minimum mess, or do as I did. I don't know if you can tell in the picture of the toilet paper rolls above, but I took a plastic container that had held baking from the store. I layered it with a folded sheet of newspaper. It was enough to hold 7 or 8 of the rolls with some wiggle room that made it easy to turn them. They dried almost instantly.

Then I flipped the attached lid closed, making it easy to pick up and carry inside without any fears of dropping them - which is especially useful for light weight items that tend to bounce around.

Doing crafts without getting paint on me…that was a bonus! I have another use for that spray paint so that was okay in every way and one day I will find the bottle of paint.

Hopefully before it dries up.

2. Using the same template for the wings as for the Halloween Clothespin bat, we traced the wings out of black construction paper. One wing for each toilet tube.

3. Taking the top  of each tube, I pinched each side between my thumb and pointer finger. Pinch down until there is a clear fold in the cardboard, about an inch. Holding them so my thumb was right near the top made the fold about the perfect size.

Another option is to fold the whole tube in half. That works, too, and may be easier for smaller fingers.

Repeat this for the bottom of the tube.

Again holding each tube upright, bend each side in, right where you folded it. The folds will slightly overlap in the middle, closing off the tube.

I preferred the look of them when the folds from the front were on top of the back fold. Somehow just looked neater. Of course, if I was 4 years old, I might have a different opinion. Again, don’t argue. It’s their bat. They KNOW about these things. We learned that with the glitter episode.

Of course, eyes may also be drawn or painted on, drawn or painted on paper, cut out and glued on, or you could even use buttons.

With the bottom 2 folds on the halloween paper tube bat turned in, you have the option to fill the tube with candy or small toys (ALWAYS remember Child Safety and only choose treats or toys that are age safe.) These are also a good size to hold a lip gloss or even jewellery or a cash gift for a special child. Just make sure everyone knows there is something inside.

Halloween Paper Tube Bats More Options:

If you added dry raw rice or tiny bells to the empty roll - and taped them securely shut at each end - you’d have Halloween Paper Tube Bat musical instruments for all your ghosts and goblins to shake as they do the Halloween Stomp!

Fill buckets or bowls with these treats to give out at the door or a party. Fun for a classroom Halloween party, too. They could be hung from mobiles if they are empty and strung with a ribbon to hang around the neck with a small treat inside.

Let your children go wild with bits of shiny candy and gum wrappers, bits of lace, and ribbon. Some bats even have red fangs! It’s enchanting to see where their imaginations take them.

Another super pennywise Halloween bat project made from toilet paper rolls. Just paint them black and you are on your way to having your own collection of black bats flying around (if you pretend!) for Halloween.

Who knows, if you live in Peachland, B.C. you may even like to have these reminders of bats floating around your house all year long.

In Peachland, they love their bats and on warm summer evenings if you are sitting on your deck or walking along the lake front promenade, you may hear the soft whoosh of their wings as they fly past. No one complains! If fact, residents love them because they eat all the mosquitoes so you get to live on or near Lake Okanagan but never be bothered by mosquito bites.

If you are ever in Peachland, make sure you check out their bat museum and watch the bats leaving at night!

Happy Halloween to you, your brood, and your Halloween Toilet Paper Tube Bats!


Did you enjoy making your Halloween Paper Tube Bats? Feel free to share so there are more bats and fewer mosquitoes everywhere! We'd love and appreciate it if you do! Thanks.

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