Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Once you’ve learned a few tips about hardwood floor cleaning, your chores will go faster – and your investment in your home will increase.

Hardwood floors are very popular today with new products on the market so it’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes learning some tips for hardwood floor cleaning.  These new floors are attractive, classy, and expensive to install. (It’s an investment!)  In addition, they require special cleaning and care.

First of all, you need to know what product has been used to seal your floors. This will determine how you clean your floor. Most new hardwood floors are sealed with polyurethane or urethane or polyacrylic making them stain and water resistant. They are the easiest to care for: sweeping regularly and a weekly mopping is all it takes!

Here are some hardwood floor cleaning tips for you to consider.

  •  Always use the type of products recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, water alone or water and vinegar may NOT be the best choice. Using the wrong product can lead to dirt build up and eventual dulling of the finish. Of course, the floors will have to be re-finished at some point, but with care, that can be later rather than sooner.
  • Use a soft bristle broom when sweeping the wood floors, doing this daily in high traffic or high use areas.
  • Damp mop once a week. Dip the mop in a bucket of your cleaning solution (perhaps, a soap like a detergent and water) and wring it out well. Then mop in the direction of the grain. Repeat until the floor is clean, changing the cleaning solution as necessary. I go back over the whole floor using just clean water as a rinse. It may seem like a lot of work but with regular upkeep, it goes fast. The effort you spend doing the hardwood floor cleaning properly makes for less work in the long run.
  • If you use a vacuum for your hardwood floor cleaning, use the brush attachment to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Immediately clean up any spills using a soft towel, leaving the floor dry.  Water-resistant or not, water is an enemy of hardwood floors.
  • If your floors are covered with polyurethane, use a very dry damp mop for cleaning.
  • Use carpet runners in areas where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Be sure to clean the runners as often as possible so that the dirt doesn’t seep through them onto the floors. Lift the runners or mats and sweep, mop or vacuum under them to get rid of any grit.
  • If you wax your floors, check with the manufacturer to ensure you are using the proper wax covering. There are so many varieties of wood; you want to be certain you are using the correct product.
  • You can use a bit of baking soda on a damp sponge to remove scuff marks.

Hardwood floors generate warmth and beauty.  If you happen to notice a stain on the wood, here is an additional tip which may help.

Take some sand paper to remove one or two layers of finish along the entire length of the board where you spotted the stain.  Remove all dust, and apply the same type of finish that was removed being careful not to add more layers of finish. In doubt about doing this yourself? Call in an expert.

There is something so inviting when walking into a home with hardwood floors. Its rich textures; light or dark, old or new, offers a certain charm and elegance.

Using the proper methods to clean your hardwood floor will ensure that your investment has been worthwhile. Your floors will look inviting and attractive for years, upping the overall value of your home.


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