Hodge Podge Soup

Hodge Podge Soup - A hearty soup that is easy to make, nutritious, economical and delicious. A real time saver that everyone in your family will love.

This is another recipe that you can easily substitute Basic Oven Meatballs into to make it quicker or just for a different look to it.

There are so many ways to vary this recipe and that's one of the reasons it is so economical and such a penny saver meal.

Hodge Podge Soup

1 lb Hamburger

1 Chopped onion

Salt and pepper1 cn (10.75-oz) tomato soup

2 cups (16-oz) mixed vegetables, fresh (chopped), frozen or canned

1 cn (16-oz) kidney beans

1 package (14.75-oz) pasta


Cook pasta.

Brown hamburger and onions. Drain excess grease.

Add tomato soup with a can of water.

Stir in vegetables.

Add to soup mixture. Bring to boil, simmer 15 minutes.

Or, substitute Basic Oven Meatballs (see link below). If you do, add the onion with the other vegetables.

Best Pennywise Tips:

If you don't want to use spaghetti, use a different pasta. There are so many sizes and shapes, you'll be sure to find one that you like.

This is a good way to use up bits of packages of pasta, too. No one says you can only use one type. If you have leftover pasta (with sauce on it or not) use it.

Break the spaghetti into smaller pieces before cooking or run a knife through the spaghetti to cut strands.

Add additional water, as needed, or use left-over gravy or other soup or vegetable juice.

Vary the beans. Try chick peas(garbanzo beans),navy beans or pinto beans.

Use chopped fresh vegetables or frozen or canned vegetables.

This is an excellent recipe to use up left-overs.

Basic Oven Meatballs

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