Home Manicure Tips

Want to look beautiful? Here are some home manicure tips so you can look and feel beautiful. Without question your face is what people notice first - but your hands are next.

Nothing says Self Indulge like a home manicure while you're watching Sleepless in Seattle! But is it really being self indulgent? No! Caring for your body is important; good for the body and spirit.

Having a manicure can be very uplifting, especially if you haven’t had the time to pamper yourself.  While nail salons seem to be cropping up everywhere, there have been reports of infections due to insufficient sanitizing of the utensils.

Also, once you’ve been to a nail salon, chances are you may have to return often. The reason for this is quite simple; nail salons tend to remove too much nail surface, leaving your nails vulnerable to breakage. Thus, a return trip is almost always required. 

It is much easier to tend to your nails at home. Here are home manicure tips for moms that will ensure your nails will remain strong, and ultimately avoid the unnecessary expense.

1. If you have a desk lamp, set it on your kitchen or dining room table.

2. Prepare a bowl with dish washing liquid and warm water.

3. Have all of your manicure utensils, Q Tips, orange sticks, cotton balls, nail polish remover and polish on the table as well. Place them on a tray if possible.

4. Place a dish towel on the surface of the table.

5. Remove the polish from both hands.

6. File your nails, if necessary.

7. Using a Q tip dipped in the water, clean under the fingernails.  

8. Place one hand in the bowl first, then after a few minutes take an orange stick and push back your cuticles.

9.  Follow the same procedure with the other hand.

10.  Use your cuticle utensil to remove dead skin.

11.  Place your each hand back into the bowl; then wipe dry.

12.  Massage your hands with moisturizer before you begin polishing.

13.  Apply nail hardener to the left hand first; then the right.

14.  Apply the polish to the left hand next; then the right.

15.  Apply a top coat of nail hardener to the left hand; then the right.

16.  Wait until polish is completely dry; about 30 minutes. (That's why you watch a movie!)

Note: There are cuticle removers available in liquid form. However, they tend to leave your cuticles very dry after a few days.

Manicures do not have to be expensive, nor do they have to cause infection. If you follow these tips, you will be able to give yourself home manicures whenever needed, and fully enjoy the process at the same time.

Of course, when you find a good salon, nothing beats a Mother's Day treat like a salon manicure and pedicure! In the meantime, pamper yourself with these home manicure tips.

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