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12 Effective Tips

Do you suffer from allergies? These 12 home remedies for allergies may help. Millions of people suffer from allergies, if you’re one of them you know how miserable life can become when you’re suffering.

There are all types of allergies, everything from dust and pollen, to animal dander, to certain types of foods.  The most common symptoms of an allergy is a runny nose, watery itchy eyes, sneezing, pressure, headaches, and nausea. 

The good news is there are many very effective home remedies for allergies that you can use that will eliminate, or at least diminish, your reliance on expensive and side-effect-heavy prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Who knows they may help you get rid of the allergies altogether.

Out of these 12 home remedies for allergies I think you'll find some help...without spending a lot on prescription or over-the-counter medications that may or may not help and leave you feeling drowsy or groggy for hours.

Here are  Home Remedies for Allergies:

1. Vitamins: Taking Vitamin E is believed to help increase your body's ability to fight off allergens.  Many people have gotten relief from their allergies by taking a daily dose of Vitamin E.

Adelle Davis, in one of her books, “Let’s Get Well”, (that has resided on my bookshelf for 40 years) suggests the use of Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Pantothenic Acid (B5) for their antihistamine properties. On a personal note, I have used that combination for years to reduce the effect of seasonal allergies.

2.  Castor Oil. Many people claim that adding a few drops of castor oil to a half cup of juice can help alleviate your allergy.  You can also add the castor oil to a glass of water if you prefer.

3.  Furnace Filters: Use the allergy relief furnace filters in your furnace and make sure to replace them as often as the manufacturer recommends.

4. Get Rid of Mold: Use a bleach water solution in any areas of your home that tend to get damp.  This can help eliminate the growth of mold which is a prime cause of allergies.

5. Pet Care: Keep your pets bathed and brushed.  If you can't do it yourself take them to a groomer. 

6. Avoid dust: Try to avoid any house cleaning chores that tend to stir up a lot of dust.  If possible get someone else to vacuum, dust, or sweep.

7. Carpets: If you can, try to replace your carpets with wood or tile flooring and just a few area rugs.  Carpets are like magnets and they can really hold on to a lot of dust and dander.

8. Clean Air: Buy an air purifier and make sure to replace the filters frequently.

9. Pet Free Zone: Keep your pets out of your sleeping area.  This is the one area of your house that it's particularly important to be an allergy free zone.  You need to be fully rested and if you're up sneezing all night long you can't get the sleep you need.

10. Wash bedding: Make sure to frequently wash all of your bedding in hot water.  This is another place that dust mites and dander can really build up fast, and since bedding is very close to your face when you sleep it's very important to keep it as free of dust as possible.

If you live in an area where the winter temperatures drop, you might find it helpful to hang any bedding, like down quilts, outside in below zero weather on dry days. Give it a good shake, leave the bedding as long as possible and give it a good shake before you bring it in.

11. Consider a mask. When cutting the grass consider wearing a mask to prevent as much inhalation of dust and pollen as possible. It might not keep the dust from blowing into your face but it may lessen the impact on you.  This may also help whenever you are out working in the yard if you are prone to seasonal allergies.

The last of the home remedies for allergies...

12: Consider Hypnosis:  Do you have Hay Fever? Up to 20% of the population suffer from hay fever. Some people who do might say that “suffer” is not a strong enough word! If you do, you know that. It isn’t necessarily just a Spring or Summer problem, but can extend into the whole year for some people with allergies making life absolutely miserable.

Some people have sensitive systems that react to almost anything. Mark and Roger at HypnosisDownloads.com liken it to a guard dog that barks at everything, not just intruders, and he says you can re-train your personal ‘guard dog’ with their Hay Fever Relief Program.

I remember hearing about the success of hypnosis at helping people with allergies way back when I was first studying hypnotherapy 12 years or more ago. As an allergy sufferer, I was intrigued that I could do something about this annual problem. Hypnosis does work.

Read more about the Hay Fever Relief program here. It might just help you avoid having to use any of these 11 tips at all.

Side Note: If you are suffering from any seasonal or annual problems, do see your medical professional also.

Whether you are looking for something to relieve your allergy symptoms or eliminate your allergies altogether, these allergy home remedies can provide you with some much needed relief.  Use one, or all, of the tips on this list and keep looking until you find the combination that works best for you.  You do have options and don't have to just rely on store bought allergy products.

 Not sure about hypnosis? Try a FREE session here.

Self hypnosis audio from hypnosis downloads.com

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