How To Make Sunbutter

Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter

School friendly substitute for Peanut Butter

When you learn how to make Sunbutter, you will open a new world of delights! It's delicious! Even the way I make it with reduced sugar and salt so my husband has something more diabetic friendly than regular peanut butter.

If you are buying small packages of raw sunflower seeds then comparing it to cheaper peanut butter, then, yes, it will cost you more. Compare it to a natural peanut butter and it's about even where I live, so buy it in bulk, do your price checking and watch for sales.

But - the real payoff is that it is more nutritious, has no unnecessary additives and it can be used in place of peanut butter – and that means, Yes! School lunches.

While people have tried a heavy duty blender we recommend using a Cuisinart Food Processor.

Sunflower Butter - The cheerful sunflower is the source of these healthful little seeds. Consider these facts and you may be even more inspired to make your own sunbutter.

  • Sunflower butter has 1/3 less saturated fat than peanut butter.
  • Sunflower oil, found in the seeds, is considered heart-healthy. In fact, doctors have been known to "prescribe" sunflower seeds to treat high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
  • Sunflower butter is a good source of iron, vitamin E, fiber, and protein.

Besides that there are a lot of ways to use sunbutter, So I guess what I'm saying is - when you learn how to make sunbutter you may want to be making it quite often so you can try in in recipes, like, Nutburgers and Spinach Rice Salad, and smoothies:

Here's two to try:

Caramel Apple

1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen apple, 2 tablespoon sunflower butter, 2 cups spinach, 2 medjool dates, pitted, 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 2 ice cubes

Key Lime Pie

Juice from 4 key limes, zest from 2 key limes, 1 cup rice milk, 1 frozen banana, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 pitted medjool date, 1 tablespoon sunflower butter, 2 cups organic baby spinach and 4 ice cubes.

Now get busy and enjoy learning how to make sunbutter really soon.

How To Make Sunbutter


4 cups roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds

2-4 tablespoons light tasting oil (I prefer sunflower, coconut oil or light olive oil).

¼ teaspoon liquid stevia (optional)

½ teaspoon salt (optional)


1. Roast the sunflower seeds on a cookie sheet, jelly roll pan, pizza pan, even a 9x13 inch pan works (a pan with sides) in a low oven, about 325 F.

Watch them carefully so they just reach a dark-ish golden brown stage. Stir once of twice so all the seeds get evenly toasted.

Let cool.

A little darker than this photo is perfect.

2. When cool, put all the sunflower seeds in your food processor. If your processor is smaller than 11 - 14 cups, make this sunbutter recipe in 2 batches.

3. Process until seeds turn into  a meal-like consistency. I found I have to keep scraping the sides of the processor.

 The seeds will begin to turn from a meal or flour consistency and begin to start clumping. (see next photo)

4. Add in the oil. Start with 1 tablespoon, gradually adding in another one and processing, scraping the sides down, re-processing before you add in another spoonful.

Give the natural oil from the seeds a chance to be released before you add in too much oil. This really varies. I allowed more time than I thought, sometimes  4 minutes or more. And sometimes had to add more oil than I thought, too.

5.    Continue to process for another 2-3 minutes.

6.    Add in the stevia (or whatever liquid sweetener you prefer (see Options below) and salt to taste.

7. Process to mix.

Store in a clean jar in your cupboard or refrigerator.

Options: Tessa, from TessaDomesticDiva, actually takes it a step further and processes her butter in her blender at this stage to make it extra creamy. I was pleased with it just as it was but it is a bit grainy. I just hate cleaning out blenders. I may try this extra step in my NutriBullet one day.Then I can scoop it out and make a Smoothie in it. I hear that Caramel Apple smoothie calling my name. Way easier than scrapping everything out of a blender.

Tessa just makes it sound so good. I mean if she said 'creamy' one more time!

Brittany over at Eating Bird Food uses 2 tsp maple syrup to 2 cups sunflower seeds. That's a recipe that is half this size.

I prefer to keep the sweetener to a smaller amount but experiment. Possibly, to accommodate the increased amount of liquid, she doesn’t add in any oil.

Must admit after I  found her version, I am tempted to try it! My husband is diabetic though so I may just have to give it as a gift!

After I sample it, of course!

This is good stuff!


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