Hypnosis Myths

Hypnosis myths confuse and concern people. What questions do you need answered?

Here are a few of the most common myths people often have about Hypnosis. It is important to dispel any worries you might have before a session.

It is always best to establish a relationship of trust with your hypnotherapist. Dispelling these concerns will help you to feel more confident and thus help you to have greater success.

Always remember, there is no question too foolish to ask - so go ahead and ask any hypnotherapist practitioner you work with. They'll appreciate your honesty and be glad to dispel any worries.

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Here's a very common hypnosis myth:Can anyone be hypnotized?

Almost anyone can be. If you saw movies with the dumb blonde blindly following the evil hypnotist, you may be believing the myth that only really weak people can be hypnotized, but, in fact, people of above average intelligence who are capable of concentrating and those who have active imaginations make the best hypnotic subjects.

Will I share the family secrets?

Many people have fallen into the trap of this hypnosis myth, which is once again, thinking that "someone" can "make" them do something they don't want to do.

Hypnosis is not a “power relationship”. No one can make you do anything. Hypnotherapy clients have all the power because they have more awareness than when they are fully awake. They retain their selectiveness. They have choice.

Will I lose control?

A classic but false idea stems from past negatives and false images - remember those old movies. A hypnotized person is in full control and capable of making decisions. You can decide to end the session at any time. You even will be the one deciding if you will go along with the suggestions.

Will I get stuck in trance?

Well, you may enjoy the relaxation so much that you do not want to come back to full waking consciousness yet. You may fall asleep. (I’ve never had a client do that yet) No one has ever been stuck in trance. Remember you have control.

Part of this myth about hypnosis comes from people wondering if they will go too deep into trance. For hypnosis to be effective it is not necessary to go into a deep trance. If I think a client is verging on sleep, I will simply bring them up a little more...it's as easy as counting! And you can do that, too. Feel you're going a little too deep? Count yourself up by counting in your mind, one...two...three...four...five.

Remember it is natural and normal to go into trance - we do it 6 to 9 times, or more, a day.

Will you be humiliated in some way?

No, no one will ever make you walk like a duck; this isn't a stage show. Remember people in stage shows volunteer knowing what the show will likely be like. They, too, have choice.

”I wasn’t hypnotized, I heard every word you said.”

Being hypnotized, though we often use the word, isn’t being asleep or unconscious. It's perfectly okay, even normal, to hear every word – you’re supposed to.

You will even be very aware of all that is going on around you.

But you may choose to not pay attention to it.

Remember that ‘increased awareness’ in the definition. The only special feeling you’ll have is of total and complete relaxation and a heightened focus on what is happening.

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