Long Term Goals

Long Term Health Goals

Best Pennywise Tip: Set long term goals for your health - before and after you quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is great - quitting smoking with a purpose is even better!

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When you set goals, and map out a strategy, the chance of success of even greater. It's easier to stop smoking when you know why you want to quit and what the benefits will be. Your Goal or map will be a valued part of your support system.

One of the problems that many people encounter after they quit smoking is the fact that they believe they will never smoke again and this feeling gives them the security to feel comfortable to have the occasional puff.

It comes as quite a surprise to find that even after a very long time there are receptors in the brain that are only too willing to react to the nicotine like it was yesterday and for many people this can result in a relapse to their previous habit all too soon.

It is simply not worth the risk to let this happen again after all you went through to get off the habit in the first place.

You will be risking your long term goals and all the repair work to your health, and within minutes of taking that puff you might be headed back to the downward slope of the previous habit.

Smoking habits all start with one puff and that's how it all started for you in the first place.

It will happen more easily the second time because the receptors are there and they are always ready to invite back the nicotine.

Tips to think about:

1. There is no reason to prove to yourself or anyone else that you can have a smoke and not fall back into your old ways.

Remember the addictive power of your habits and of nicotine and the fact that no one is safe to 'test' it without setting themselves up for disaster.

2. Consider yourself lucky to have managed to quit when so many are trying everyday to do the same.

Your long term goal of improved health is at work already! Your health will have been improving from the minute you quit and will continue to do so. For many people their long term health outlook will be as good as they would have expected had they never smoked at all.

3. Work at your long term goals.

Rather than having another test to prove something, you'll be better working at your long term goals to improve your overall health on a daily basis with good lifestyle choices, good nutrition and sufficient exercise to maintain that good health into old age.

Here's a trick to help you. Studies have shown for years that the urge to smoke only lasts a few minutes. What you need to do then is to distract yourself for those few minutes. Deep breathing is a really good thing to do, so is having a drink of water. While you're breathing or having a bottle of water, keep your mind busy, too.

Here's what to do:

As soon as you feel the urge, think of these three tips:

1. I don't need to prove myself. I'm okay just as I am.

2. I'm luckier than most to have got this far. I'm on my way!

3. Then, think about all your long term goals.

Really, think about these things - visualise them, hear, see and smell ALL the benefits you already have and will have in the future.

Good luck - or rather, good preparation!

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