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Make Money From Writing Series: Part two

Write To Win: Start Your Own Business

Make Money From Freelancing:

Make Money From Freelancing: Freelance writing is one way you can make money from your own writing and begin to live the life you want, on your terms. Many writers work from home - living room, dining room, out on the patio, some work from the beach or Starbucks - and have a successful business. It is nice to set your own hours so you can also do some of the other important things in life.

The truth is thousands do.  As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, If you like to write, one good way to make money from writing is to become a freelance writer and produce the content that thousands of website owners and bloggers are looking to buy.

The bigger the internet grows, the bigger your market becomes. Plus lots of buyers want well written content for offline print publications, like magazines or company newsletters. This marketplace has such potential.  Working from home part-time or full-time is more possible than ever and an excellent way to add to an existing income, boost a small income, like a pension, for seniors, or make it possible for a mom to work from home.

Psst! Here's a hidden secret to success: you don't have to do all the writing yourself to be successful, making this make money/build your own business  option very doable for many people.

If you are a writer with some experience, there are  more than a few ways to begin to make money with your writing skills.

Make Money From Freelancing:


There is no shortage of writing jobs online. You can find writing opportunities on topics you're interested in from sites like Upwork, Freelancer and other sites.

You can articles, books, advertisements, blog posts and all kinds of content that clients need. These are the perfect opportunity to start earning some cash right away and to get your feet writing for pay.

The only problem is, not all listings are created equally and you'll find a lot of low paying jobs from companies who have unreasonable demands, so you have to be careful and do your homework in finding the right jobs. We actually do a lot of this job sorting for our members at and provide them with featured listings with the best writing jobs available out there.

Working with clients can also be a challenge because you are subject to their deadlines and demands. You also need to account for the time spent searching and applying for jobs because you aren't paid for that. But if you can pick up a job or two, you'll start seeing money coming in and if you do a good job, the client is likely to hire you again.

Your Own Writing Business

While freelancing sites are great for getting your first jobs, if you plan to continue to write for clients, the next logical step is to start your own writing business.

Instead of just applying for random jobs, you decide what type of writing you do and what kind of client you work with. And your clients come to you, instead of you chasing down work constantly.

Running your own business offers the following benefits:

  • You get to determine your rates and have more control over deadlines and other details of projects.
  • You are able to attract your ideal client and work solely with people who are a pleasure to work for.

One of the best ways to get more business is through word of mouth and having your own business makes it easy for people to refer clients to you.

Setting up your own business isn't too complicated. All it takes is a website and you're ready to start finding clients and developing long term relationships with them.

Are you ready for a career as as writer? Take the quiz today! It's free.

Make Money From Freelancing with:

Books and Information Products

If you want to make money from freelancing, but have more freedom, producing books and information products may be better for you.

When you work for clients, it's important to remember that you only get paid for the time you're working and that makes it difficult to scale that business or experience the freedom that comes with truly being your own boss.

So instead of serving clients, you become your own publisher, you have unlimited earning potential because you're creating content once and selling it over and over again.

You can publish books on platforms like Amazon. Or you can create information products or ebooks and selling them from your own website site.

The benefit of this is:

  • As mentioned, you create the content once and sell it over and over again.
  • You grow your own audience of buyers that you can continue to sell products to.
  • You create content on your own terms and aren't tied to client project specifications and deadlines.

If you've already got writing skills and interest in a topic, creating a product is quite simple and it doesn't cost a thing.

Instead of doing all the work and getting paid once, as when you make money from freelancing, when you create products and sell them to multiple buyers, you get paid multiple times for the same one-off effort. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many people make a great living creating products and selling them with PLR (private label rights) to others. Content is king on the internet and buyers are hungry for more.

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Make Money From Freelancing

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