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Make Money From Writing Series: Part One

How Can I Make Money From Writing?
Write To Win: Start Your Own Business

You can make money from writing and begin to live the life you want, on your terms. Ever wish you could work from home and have a successful business? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to set your own hours?

The truth is thousands do.  If you like to write, one good way to make money from writing is to become a freelance writer, another is sell PLR. What's PLR? That's private label rights content that thousands of website owners and bloggers are looking to buy.

The bigger the internet grows, the bigger your market becomes. Plus lots of buyers want well written content for offline print publications, like magazines or company newsletters. This marketplace has such potential.  Working from home part-time or full-time is more possible than ever and an excellent way to add to an existing income, boost a small income, like a pension, for seniors, or make it possible for a mom to work from home.

Psst! Here's a hidden secret to success: you don't have to do all the writing yourself to be successful, making this make money/build your own business  option very doable for many people.

If you are a writer with some experience, there are  more than a few ways to begin to make money with your writing skills.

Intro: How Can I Make Money from Writing?

If you're like a lot of writers, you've had the love of writing for as long as you can remember. Whether you wrote short stories as a child or have always dreamed of being a published author, it's probably always been something you hoped you could do for a living.

But when you realized that the chances of getting a book published were small or the job competition in journalism was fierce, it may have seemed a career as a writer was simply a dream.

Well, writing for a living...a very good and comfortable living...doesn't need to be a dream.

It's simply time to shift your thinking and upgrade your strategy because in today's virtual world, there are tremendous opportunities for writers to carve out their own opportunities, all from their writing skills.

It's not like taking a job in the real world, where you take what you can get. You can be selective when bringing your writing skills online because there really is a market for just about everything.

There are a few ways you can approach making money from writing:

  • Work as a freelancer and apply to the many thousands of job listings you can find online.
  • Start your own writing business where you find and serve a clientele of people that you love to work with.
  • Create your own books and information products that you sell to individual purchasers, building your loyal audience along the way. These could be products you sell on your website, offline, or even venues like Amazon Kindle.
  • Publish free content (think blogs, social media) and monetize it with offers for products you get paid for usually as an affiliate.

Which method you decide on will probably depend on your immediate needs, preferences and long term goals.Think about your previous experience. Ask yourself a few questions about what you like and what will suit your lifestyle the best.

Let's go through these options to see what might be best for you.

Part Two: Freelancing
Part Three: Monetized Content

Content Cash Flow

Learn How To Easily Sell PLR

Or you can take it up a notch to make money from writing by producing products to sell to multiple buyers for their personal use in their own businesses. this gives you the chance to work once, and reap the benefits of multiple sales from one product.

Sound confusing but interesting? If you don't know where to start or how to get going having the advice from experts who have been there, done that and been successful will give you the information you need. Following along a proven pathway saves time and saves money. Definitely Pennywise thinking!

Content Cash Flow takes you beyond  "just writing"  and shows you the ropes so you can start to make money from writing.

The 'bonuses' with this program will give you a jump start to begin bringing in some income as soon as possible.

Content Cash Flow

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